The Gluten Free Health Food LIE (WORSE than sugar)


One of the most shocking examples of a healthy food that can be WORSE for your insulin and belly fat than soda, candy, or sugar is whole wheat bread.
According to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, eating just two slices will spike your blood sugar MORE than drinking a can of soda, eating a candy bar, or helping yourself to SIX teaspoons of pure sugar.

That’s one of the many reasons “Gluten Free” breads, crackers, wraps, and other foods are all the rage these days.

But the truth is that “Gluten Free” breads are not healthier than most of your regular favorite delicious-tasting breads.
Just look at the chart below and you’ll see 4 different varieties of “Gluten Free” breads that have a higher glycemic index than table sugar… … Which means they can SPIKE fat storing insulin higher than your favorite sugary treats.


Fortunately, our colleague Kelley Herring spent years figuring out  the right combinations of ingredients to make ULTRA healthy:

Gluten-free breads, pie crusts, pancakes, crackers, pizza crusts,  muffins, popovers, cinnamon rolls – and much more.

=They are guaranteed NOT to spike insulin.

==> They are incredibly easy to make.

==> They taste delicious.

==> They contain 70% fewer calories and 55% LESS sugar.

==> And get this: 167% MORE protein and 167% MORE fiber.

Best of all, it’s a GREAT way to devour all kinds of your favorite  breads WITHOUT fat storage.

After all, almost everybody LOVES bread.

==> Check it out at this link along with 5 other dangerous  lies you’ve been told about bread.

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