Why do onions make us cry?

So who does not know that  familiar feeling: tingly, stinging eyes and then the tears. So Why would the  onion, one of the  key ingredient in many of our meals, cause us so much  discomfort? With plants and animals , life is  about survival and reproduction and Onions are no exception. To stop  predators from eating the bulbs, onions release some

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Why do I pee so much at night

  Does your bladder get you out of bed overnight? I know that mine does! If you have to go to the bathroom more than once during your 6-8 hours of sleep then you might have something called nocturia. Either your body might be making too much urine, or your bladder just cannot  hold enough. Sometimes it can be both. There are in fact

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So what is the Deal with Green Smoothies?


  5 Advantages Of Green Smoothies You must have heard a lot of people talk about green smoothies and all their health benefits. Why do so many people nowadays love it? What makes them become a popular drink these days?   They are packed with essential ingredients needed for optimum health and not only that but there are also more

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Heal yourself in three mins a day


Did you know there are natural healing secrets that address your ailments at their core, and will permanently erase them… Forget ever having to reach into your medicine cabinet again for a pill bottle. These natural healing secrets are available to regular folks like you and me. —Just take a look at this short,eye-opening video: P.S. You’re just one click

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The ONE Source of all Disease …….the ONE Cure


You know, if you think back to every time you got sick… Whether it was a stomach thing… The flu… A wound infection… We were all brought up to believe it was something “out there” that “did it” to us. There was some kind of “bug”.    Or there was a “virus”. And to a degree that’s true. [This tells

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Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) remedy? HELP?!?

Ive been struggling with bacterial vaginosis for like a month now! I dont have any health insurance and yesterday I went to a free health clinic to see if I could get a prescription for metro gel! well after waiting for 2 hours the doctor came and saw me.. he asked me what the problem is I told him I

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Is a More Natural Life for you?

If the time has come where you feel it is time to lead a more natural life then read on ! Everyday in my job as a Health Sciences lecturer I  listen to the aches, pains and medical problems of  students. Not only themselves but the abundance of health problems that permeate throughout their friends and families. Then every day

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Why I gave up on Milk….Your Free Report

I’m so sorry I did not send you this book sooner. It’s so controversial that it was almost banned. But you have to read it and I know you will enjoy it. You will see and understand why I gave up milk a year ago. Download it for FREE over here. Learn how that glass of milk might actually be

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Natural Bacterial Vaginosis remedies?

What are some good natural BV remedies? I don’t like using antibiotics as I feel it is very bad for your body since it kills good bacteria as well as bad. I’m open to any forms of remedy, whether it be tea, depositories, douches, supplements, whatever it is I want to hear it 🙂 Thank you very much for your

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