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I am a semi/retired Biology teacher  and health science teacher who taught in a range of courses over 30 years

I now teach Biology on a range of courses to students online from all over the world

Before coming to Spain I worked as  a Health Sciences lecturer in a college in  N. Ireland.

  I DSC_0543lectured on various Health related topics such as Physiological Disorders, Medical Conditions and Biochemistry.

I have also worked in the medical Industry while in S.Africa primarily in Endoscopic surgery ( keyhole surgery) training surgeons and medical personnel on the use of endoscopic instruments in different surgical procedures.  I progressed in this career to surgical manager in a large multinational and  experienced many surgical procedures relating to a range of medical conditions. This surgical experience and medical knowledge allows me to research health and medical Information analytically to produce articles that are based on fact.

The aim and focus of the medical/health information on this blog is to help people find answers to their questions. My experience over the last 30 years has lead me to natural remedies where possible as a solution for many of the conditions that afflict our daily lives.

I am a firm believer that you are what you eat as I have seen just one too many cases related to bad nutrition. Today in my daily life as a Health Sciences lecturer I am  made constantly aware of many conditions arising from bad nutrition among young adults. This blog aims to educate and address many of these aliments and offer advice as regards natural remedies to tackle the problems.

Feel free to browse through the many questions and answers to find the information you are looking for.

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