Positive thinking vs Affirmative thinking

  Did you know that there is a difference between positive thinking and affirmative thinking? For years now we have learned from personal development gurus that our success is determined by what we think and say about ourselves. We have learned over time that positive thinking should develop more successful individuals. Many of today’s personal development books point to the

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10 Steps to Attract the Life You Want


By Heather Mathews Author of Manifestation Miracle   “What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi If I told you that you could create the exact type of circumstances you want, would you call me crazy? What if your very thoughts could create ripples of change that not only impact your life… …but those around you as well? Philip, a

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Free ebook -know your life purpose


Many people have doubts with their lives. Some even have doubts about God and other things they do each day. That is because they don’t know their purpose in life and what life purpose is all about. And for that reason, most people tend to feel that they are lost. That is why it is important to know your purpose

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How to Effectively Delegate


Delegation is an effective time management tool that is an important skill for managers and entrepreneurs to learn. Unfortunately, it is also a skill that many managers and entrepreneurs are hesitant to use. This may be from an experience or a reluctance to give work to another employee. Others honestly believe the old adage, “if you want something done right,

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Results of Stress


  Stress creates significant problems in our health systems. From the immune system to blood sugar and the cardiovascular system. In fact, the effects of stress are so pervasive that researchers and doctors are still not able to definitively produce an exhaustive list of everything that could go wrong in the human body. This means that stress can produce results

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How to identify symptoms of stress

  The long-term effects of suffering from stress are well documented. They include cardiac disease, peripheral vascular disease, stroke, diabetes, heart attack, immune mediated diseases and more. In order to be able to reduce stress it is important for individuals to recognize the symptoms of stress in their lives. Only by recognizing the symptoms of stress will people be able

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Are you at Risk of Burnout?

  Burnout is a problem that many people face, or come very close to, at some point in their life or career. But it is not only individuals who hold a job outside of the home who can face burn out. Stay-at-home moms who spend hours carting children from one place to another, doing homework and organizing meals can also

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Choose the Right Attitude

ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING. THE STATE OF YOUR LIFE IS NOTHING MORE THAN  A REFLECTION OF YOUR STATE OF MIND One of the most  important choices  you must make every day is the type of attitude you project to everyone around you. A positive, optimistic attitude will empower you and set the tone for great success and fulfilment. In my position

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5 Ways You Can Be More Grateful

If developing this skill is something new to you ..then try starting with my ideas below Think of a person who has helped you in life. It may be a teacher, friend, parent, or mentor. Spend a few minutes reflecting on the ways they have helped you and the benefits you have gained as a result. Then write them a

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Sharing this 1000 BC secret

  Since thousands of years ago, Mantras were first written about in the ancient Vedic scriptures which went back as old as 1,000 B.C. At that time, mantras were simply either a word or a collection of words or sounds aimed to be repeated to attain positive changes in life. Today, here’s your chance to gain free access to the

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Learn to be Grateful

Just today in class we were doing an exercise in Personal Development and discussing the skills we have in life now as we are finishing our first term of  our course in Health and Social care. We journeyed through numeracy, literacy, being a team worker and all the usual skills that would come to the mind of a teenager or

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Self Discovery ….a key to a happy Life

The term “Self discovery” means identifying yourself and your needs. I often talk to students in health and social care in  college about identifying a person’s needs. .When we identify a person’s needs then we can apply a plan to help them with where they are right now. It is however a different story when we try to identify our

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