Natural Bacterial Vaginosis remedies?

What are some good natural BV remedies? I don’t like using antibiotics as I feel it is very bad for your body since it kills good bacteria as well as bad.
I’m open to any forms of remedy, whether it be tea, depositories, douches, supplements, whatever it is I want to hear it 🙂
Thank you very much for your help


  • xxfaerybubblesxx

    First off I highly suggest that anyone/everyone with health issues of any kind see a doctor first to get an official diagnosis. Once you can confirm for certain that you have what you think you have then you can explore treatment options.
    Obviously make sure that you maintain a healthy balanced diet; and that you are getting all the vitamins, sun, & exercise that you need.
    There are all kinds of herbal remedies that you can try. I recommend trying out a course of VH Essentials homeopathic depositories. It’s a new brand of feminine health products that are available online, in some pharmacies, and at some Shopkos. I encourage you to cruise the herbal supplement aisle & the feminine health aisle at your local pharmacies & grocers just to see what they have.
    In the future to help prevent recurrences of BV I suggest taking acidophilus tablets or eating yogurt containing active cultures. Acidophilus tablets contain a freeze dried form of positive bacteria normally found in a healthy vagina & digestive tract.
    Kicking BV’s butt is all about restoring the bacterial balance of the vagina and reducing inflammation. Speaking of reducing the inflammation…there’s an organic personal lubricant I know of that has allot of herbal stuff in it that could be helpful in healing a vagina. Especially if you add say 5 drops of tea tree oil to a tablespoon of the gel…..soak a tampon in it & insert. The stuff is called Aloe Life Personal Lubricant.
    Having BV sucks. Hope you clear it soon. GL!

  • Super Mario aka Swagger Mario

    Hmm… I don’t think I can determine the correct answer based solely on the description given. However, I’m sure I could make a diagnosis if you sent me some pictures.