Why we no longer recommend Gluten-Free Bread

Most countries all around the world eat bread in some shape or form
for breakfast (toasts, bagels, donuts, pastries, croissants), lunch
(sandwiches, paninis), dinner (baguette), and even for snacks.

The common advice has been to avoid gluten as much as possible.
That’s because most people  have major health issues caused by
gluten intolerance.

But at this point we cannot recommend just switching from regular
bread to gluten-free bread anymore – especially after seeing the
research of our colleague Kelley Herring.

Up to 95% of all gluten-free bread alternatives are NOT any
healthier than the regular kind, and for a lot of reasons.

The biggest reason is the fact that most people have serious blood
sugar issues, and are either pre-diabetic or have a full-blown type-2 diabetes.

But what the heck does this have to do with gluten-free bread, you ask?

As Kelley revealed during her research, most gluten-free bread
spikes your blood sugar even MORE than pure sugar itself…

High blood sugar rhymes with disease, and… FAT STORAGE.

No wonder that one study showed that 81% of people who adopted
a gluten-free diet had gained weight after two years!

Fortunately, Kelley just doesn’t want to mess with people’s heads and
just talk about the PROBLEMS with gluten-free breads.

Instead, she spent years figuring out the right combinations of ingredients
that make the perfect gluten-free bread, but also pancakes, crackers,
pizza crust – and much more.

She has finally done what most gluten-free manufacturers FAIL at: creating gluten-free bread recipes that don’t spike your blood sugar,
are really easy to make, and that most of all are REALLY healthy!

Don’t settle for the blood-sugar spiking gluten-free breads. You owe it
to yourself to check what Kelley reveals in “Better Breads”.:



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