Is there anyone that has a thyroid condition and has had children ?

I have an underactive thyroid . I just read that women with thyroid condtions have lower fertility levels. I have been trying for two years off and on to get pregnant . So naturally this is really upsetting me. I would really like to hear some success stories please. Thank-you


  • hello_heather_03

    I have an underactive thyroid condition, but am having my third child in 7 weeks. You know what I did to get pregnant? I tried not to. LOL! Good luck. If it is a huge problem, go see your doctor and tell them u want to get pregnant, but r having problems.

  • meeeohmyyyy

    You are right. With a thyroid conditon it is harder to concieve. But it is possible. I know a lady who has had 5 miscarriages, but has 3 wonderful healthy daughters also. Don’t give up hope and make sure you take your medicine and keep up your blood work, it is a condition you can live with but you have to take care of. And good luck. You can still get pregnant.

  • daisylady

    my mother in law has an underactive thyroid and she had 3 boys.. (one set of twins even!) and was not on any type of fertility treatment… hope that gives you some hope… you can always go to a fertility clinic if you want… good luck

  • Tanny B

    I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and am currently taking Synthroid. I was very pessimistic that my husband and I would ever conceive because I also have PCOS. Well the darndest thing happened last week. I went to see my GYN cuz I was having cramping for over a week and my cycle(which has never been regular) still hadn’t shown up and lo and behold she sends me tho the lab to have a serum preg test dun. I’m thinking thats jus a precaution b4 she gives me Provera to jump start my cycle like many other times B4. She calls me back and tells me that its + and we’re pregnant now! So hang in there it wil happen when you least expect it. Good Luck!!!!

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