Thyroid removal?

My mother had her thyroid entirely removed about a month ago.The doctors failed to prescribe her any type of hormone replacement medication for the entire time until just a few days ago.She has now been prescribed levotirox, and is doing somewhat better.She still has trouble swallowing, a swollen face and joint pain.Can anyone share their thoughts or similar experiences?

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  • DJA30

    I actually have a thyroid condition and take synthroid to treat it- I had radiation therapy four years ago which burned most of the overactive thyroid hormone and now I am hypo thyroid- (underactive TSH) The medicine heps to regulate the thyroid gland- I have a family history of the disease and both my aunt and older sister have had their thyroid glands removed. They were immediately prescribed a thyroid hormone to replace the missing hormone- I do not know why they would delay prescribing her the hormone-unless there are other factors ( issues). The swollen face and joint pain is a result of the uncontrolled hormone and should subside with a few eeks of medication usage.

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