Are hypo/hyper thyroid conditions autoimmune disorders?, and are there alternative treatments available?

Radiation and Removal of organ seem to be the most popular treatments, these seem rather drastic considering how many people are afflcited.


  • Yes they are autoimmune, but they can also be caused from lack of iodine, too much iodine, additives in foods, soy, fluoride, and just family history.

    Hyper is more difficult to treat than hypo, but meds are usually the first choice for both conditions. Most who are hypo remain on the meds for life.

    I take Armour thyroid. The oldest thyroid med. For some reason though its now considered an alternative treatment and the man-made meds the usual treatment. I found the natural route to work much better. I am hypothyroid.

  • cynthia h

    hashimotos is an autoimmune thyroid condition…the removal tends to be for overgrowth which blocks airways and voice box, or for cancer or for hyper symptoms unable to be controlled by drugs. Graves disease, with hyper symptoms also uses medicine for the first course of control. the surgery is never the first course, unless there is cancer etc. and the removal and then radiation (which is one little pill) is not all that drastic considering that with spread your life expectancy decreases. just like any other cancer, early treatment is key. the removal of the thyroid, and replacement by synthetic hormones means that one has to take one tiny little pill every day…big deal. I am a huge fan of alternative treatments…but in this case, they are not applicable…complimentary treatments are great.

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