Seniors, how many of you have been diagnosed with a thyroid condition?

Both my parents developed hypothyroidism late in life, and after they had been placed on a lot of medication. The same has happened to my son who is 30, as he takes a lot of meds. Have you found that after taking many prescription medications that it has caused thyroid problems for you?
Edg1, my mom had the very same neuropathy condition. I understand completely. She suffered miserably.


  • I tend to think the increase in thyroid conditions is diet related. In the 1980’s iodine was used to condition bread dough. Now its no longer used, so there’s a decreae in iodine intake in the diet. Also, instead of sugar being in foods, its now high frutose corn syrup. Soy slows down thyroid function and soy is in most of the food supply. Fluoride also slows down thyroid function and its now added to water.

    I got diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2000. I know so many people with the condition. There has to be a reason for this, but because the treatment is relatively simple as the medical community thinks, I doubt any research will go into this. The drug companies are making more money as more of us get diagnosed.

  • My wife had hyperthyroidism (graves disease). They killed her thyroid with radioactive iodine. She has to take a pill every day now for the rest of her life. She also has peripheral neuropathy which I believe is a related condition. It is non-diabetic neuropathy.Her feet are numb with pain and a burning sensation. This pain is so severe that is like an electric shock that wakes her up from deep sleep.She cannot feel her feet when she walks so she stumbles and has to watch where she steps carefully so she doesn’t stub her toes.She cannot walk straight and weaves a little.Others who have this condition appear drunk when they walk.

  • No, but I worked in an office of about 100 people and over 10 of them were diagnosed with thyroid problems. I wondered if it could have been the water, but never knew. My cat and his brother, raised in different households, both had thyroid problems.

  • RT 66

    I’ve got the other end of the scale…hyperthyroidism…but it’s due to my meds and they promise I’ll gain back the weight I’ve lost….NO, Please not all of it!

  • SandyO

    I stopped smoking when I was 47 . About a year later I started to gain weight ,even though I dieted I could not lose the weight. I was diagnosed with a thyroid condiotion. I do fine on thyroid medication daily. I never did and do not take any other medication so I don’t know if medication causes it. In my case I always thought the smoking caused my thyroid to malfunction .


    When I was 48 and went to the doc for a cholesteral check they found out I had hypothyroid and got medication for it. Once they start you on the med you should have a blood test every 3 monthes to make sure it is at the right level. The thyroid is very sensitive and it takes about a year to get it regulated right. The other meds they added at the same time did not seem to affect it.

  • mister ed

    nope another bullet i have dodged!!!

  • onanutmission

    Hyperthyroidism and it was diagnosed a long time ago so its not from medications I’ve been taking.I have nodules.I take methimazole for it.

  • Yes, I have hypothyroid, (low thyroid), was at 140 LBS, doc gave me a prescription and I dropped to 115 in a month or 2. Then we did the adjust the dosage game I started to gain back the weight, went back to about 140. and it has been slowly creeping up and up. I do not eat that much, so know it is not my diet. as I am eating better than I was before. Still I can not lose the weight. Now I am up to 170 and do not like it at all. I also do not have medical coverage now so am not able to see doctor, or afford the tests and /or prescription. It really screws with your Metabolism. I also want to quit smoking, but if I am at 170 now, don’t want to think about any extra weight I may gain. I got my blood pressure (check it with my home meter) down and my cholesterol. Now what. I can’t afford to be buying new clothes with my weight going crazy. When I was down to 115 my clothes were hanging on me. Now I am up to a 14/16 and my clothes selection in the closet is getting smaller and smaller to pick from. Not old enough for Medicare and can’t get Medicaid.
    Can only watch very carefully what I eat.I guess.

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