Help !!! Doc asked me to stop taking Thyroid meds???

My TSH was .02 on the 5th day past ovulation(conception), and I’m now 17 days pregnant. Based on the low value of .02, my endo asked me to stop taking the 50mcg/day syntrhoid now, but I know pregnant women usually need thyroid meds increase instead of decrease or even stopping taking meds as the endo suggested. I do not have any symtoms of synthroid overdose, except heartburn that might come from pregnancy. My heart rate is 80/minute, and I usually have constipation rather than diarrhea. I requested a new thyroid test to see the new TSH, but the doc insisted on putting me off synthroid for 3 weeks and retest by then???? What should I do? I heard it’s dangerous to stop taking synthroid while pregnant and the most important thing is I do not have any symtoms of overdose, I have pretty normal heart rate and I feel tired & sleepy all the time.

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