is it adam's apple or is it a thyroid condition ?

I am taking gym proteins which contain high amounts of whey and soy, i have started to take this protein around 5 days ago, i am 21 and i have started to go to the gym at the same period, my neck had no signs of Adam’s apple, i woke up this morning with what looks like an Adam’s apple, so what should i do exactly, is this condition related to my protein intake ? should i stop taking these protiens ? and if i do will my throat go back to its normal appearance or should i go to a doctor ?


  • The Undertaker

    Thyroid condition is noticed at the beginning of the neck below the adam apple and closely linked to the collar bone. That is the area and you will see a swollen condition about 4 inches long and 2 inches high. That is a thyroid condition.

    Secondly, if you start gaining weight, than you can have a slow thyroid. if you lose weight, the thyroid is too fast. Either way, go see a doctor and let him examine you. Usually, when you push with your finger under the adam apple and you feel like coughing or the air intake is cut, than it shows a thyroid condition.

  • DeAnne

    Yes, go to a dr. He can tell in 30 seconds what it is and advise you whether or not to continue with gym proteins.

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