What's a thyroid condition?

Someone told me I may have a thyroid condition and would like to know what it means. I’m going to go to the dr. But I wanna know before I go. Please help?


  • Dr.Qutub

    There are 2 types of thyroid conditions hypo and hyper, let your doctor sort it out.

  • Kandy

    Your thyroid gland is in your neck. I have Hypothyroidism (which means I am sluggish), If you are Hyperthyroidism you are burning a lot of calories and your body does not know how to slow down.

    The doctor or endocrinologist will do lab work, thyroid biopsy, or check your other vital signs.

    My mother had thyroid cancer. We assumed it was because she worked in a radiology area of a hospital of all places. That’s why when you get X-Rays always ask for something to cover your neck area.

    There are different kinds of thyroid conditions, but this is the one I know personally.

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