thyroid problem??? advice please?

Could someone please give me some useful advice 🙂 I’m 23, female and have a 11 month old baby, since having my child I have only lost abit of weight, but I am gaining weight even tho I don’t eat any different, I am constantly running around and I was calorie counting and exercising with no weight loss, my hair is thinning and looks like someone has ripped out my hair :'( I am always cold and can never warm up, and for about 5-6 I have had a really hard lump in my throat on and above my thyroid gland, it is hard to swallow and sore, can’t get rid of a cough but I have no cold!!.. I do have asthma and this in my throat is making it hard to breath thru my mouth, I am constantly knackered!. I have bags under my eyes and have heart palpitations and heart flatters 🙁 does this sound like a thyroid problem, I deffo feel different in myself, I constantly feel very poorly and depressed :'( I dont want to go to the doctor for him to tell me it’s in my head 🙁 I look ill, hair, nails, eyes,, weight! I avoid all mirrors 🙁

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