Thyroid condition?

Okay…my mom, 2 sisters, a grandma, grandpa nad aunt all have thyroid conditions. I had mine tested last june and it came back normal. I am still experiencing the same symptoms and they are getting worse. My hair is getting more fine and falling out. Im constantly tired and have no energy. Ive been having loose stools almost everytime i eat for the last couple of weeks. I also am losing weight although I have not changed my eatting habits.

Is it time to get my thyroid checked again or could it be something else? Any Advice?


  • Elizabeth V

    Get tested again promptly. I went exactly through the same thing , had the same symptoms as you and my tests always came back normal but my thyroid kept growing. A test showed I had lots of benign cysts in them and my neck got bigger too. I had it removed for cosmetic reasons. If the doctor still insists it’s normal ask to be referred to a specialist. Take your symptoms seriously, a thyroid is very important.

  • ashley_m3

    I have had these same problems for the past year and the dr could never figure out what was wrong with me they just figured out I had an certain defficiancy where my iron doesnt absorb into my body. Have your dr run a full panel and have yo checked out dont take no for an answer only you know your body.

  • Jessica

    There are many things that can cause your symptoms, however because of your family history of thyroid problems, maybe it’s time to get it checked again. If it’s been a year since you last had it checked, it is not unreasonable to get it checked again. But definately see your doctor about it. Good luck!

  • Aurora

    I have a thyroid condition and those are my symptoms. Sometimes bc of my meds, my thyroid is normal, then will change quickly. Yes, get it checked agian. I get mine monitored every 6 months

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