Recurrent Thyroid condition?

A year ago I went to the doctor with a list of symptoms that could have been copied from the definition of Hypothyroidism. These are symptoms I have had off and on for as long as I can remeber, often at times of great stress. I asked my doctor to be tested for hypothyroidism, he obviously hated me for trying to diagnose myself. He said I was likely just anemic. He tested both, surprise surprise, I wasn’t anemic, but my thyroid test was sufficiently abnormal to warrant a retest. By the time I had the retest, 30 days later, I was feeling better and my test was normal.

My question is: Is there a condition that causes hypothyroidism, or symptoms similar to hypothyroidism, that wax and wane as mine do?


  • Jay W

    Not to beat the obvious, but are you pregnant or breast-feeding? Some of the pituitary hormones that control these processes also are mistaken by the thyriod as TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). It is very common to see mild thyroid abnormalities in pregnancy and breast-feeding.

    That being said, there are many other causes of hypothyroidism, some of which are episodic, such as Hasimoto’s thyroiditis. Still, most cases are easily treated with thyroid hormone, which is perhaps the simplest, most effective and cheapest medications for any condition we know of.

    As always, discuss these and any questions with your doctor. If you are not satisfied with his explanations, consider obtaining a second opinion (no reputable doctor will be upset if you do).

    Incidentally, thyroid testing is so standard for any complaints of fatigue, lethargy, depression or anxiety that for most doctors it should be a knee-jerk reaction.

  • Vrishabha

    Herbal fruit morinda citrifolia or its juice is very effective for thyroid related disease for both hypo and hyper.

  • Fluffy

    Yes- I was diagnosed 18 years ago and mine waxes and wanes all of the time. The thyroid produces a hormone that regulates many parts of the body. Hormones fluctuate all of the time.
    A TSH test (for thyroid function) can produce different results if taken different times of the day.
    I do not know if there is a condition that causes it. Mine is heriditary.

  • doright

    I had something similar about a year ago. I was tested for hypothyroid and nothing showed up but I keep getting the symptoms all the time. I got put onto a nutritonist guy who asked me tons of questions and got me on some nutriton products and within a couple of months my symptoms went away and I have been fine. I dont know if it will work for you but its worth a shot. Try, its mostly to do with weight loss but I spoke to him and he really gave me good advice and helped me out. He is realy nice and I am sure could help you. I got some free samples from him so I could try some things out. It has been great for me, I hope this helps you, good luck.

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