Thyroid condition/cancer?

In April I had a general viral infection that attacked my thyroid and made it go crazy. Supposedly, by my blood-work, my thyroid is better. There was a chance that I could lean towards hypothyroidism, but the test was negative for it. However, I still show some symptoms of a thyroid problem. Fatigue, neck pain, insomnia, dry skin, irregular period etc. Could I still have a problem that didn’t show up on the blood work? Or rather, if I had thyroid cancer, would my blood work show it?

Also, I have just started college, so I am under stress, but I have been more directly stressed out many times in my life and never had this many problems.

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  • Tall Willow

    Check with an endocrinologist. They are the experts in thyroid conditions of all types. Unlike a lot of cancers, thyroid cancer is also treated by them, not usually by oncologists.

    No, the routine blood work would not show whether or not you had thyroid cancer. The test for that involves a radioactive tracer and scan and/or a biopsy. You don’t mention a lump on your thyroid or elsewhere; is there one?

    The symptoms you’re describing could be due to hypothyroidism, but no one can diagnose you sight unseen. They could be "leftovers" from the infection you suffered and you may not be all the way back up to your "normal" level. They could be something completely different.

    If your school has a health center, start there.

  • Any doctor can test the TSH, and you should request that they also test the T3 and T4, which would give you the better results.
    Give your thyriod time to settle back down.
    No, the blood tests won’t show cancer.

  • formerly_bob

    Its possible to have hormone levels in the normal range, but still have inadequate hormone levels to meet your needs. There is no test for this type of circumstance, but a TRH stimulation test might possibly work for this purpose, but its not a common test, and many labs don’t offer it. Most likely a diagnosis would have to be made solely on the patient’s own self-assessment, which is something that many docs are not comfortable with.

    Your best bet is probably getting another blood test and then seeing your doc a day or two later to discuss the results. If you not at the high end of the normal range, you could ask your doc to prescribe a low dose of thyroid hormone to see if it helps, or maybe get a referral to an endocrinologist if you doc is reluctant to prescribe thyroid hormone without stronger evidence of a thyroid problem.

    None of this would have anything to do with cancer. That’s a whole different problem, and something that does not seem likely given your situation.

  • Camilla Evans

    If your blood work showed anything with your thyroid- I would think your doctor would have ordered a Thyroid Ultrasound, so your thyroid blood work must be ok. You could always get a second opinion, too. Is there a family history of thyroid cancer? What makes you worried about this ?
    Sress can also literraly make you physically feel sick too. Let us know what you find out.

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