• 3boysmom

    Thyroid problems can be genetic, primarily in females. I did not know I had until my sister was diagnosed after becoming pregnant, so my Dr. checked me and sure enough..now my other sister and mother also have.
    There are two types-hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Hyper–is what is pretty much what it sounds. It speeds your heart up, you tend to lose weight, you sweat a lot, etc… and Hypo-is the opposite. You can gain weight, you feel sluggish, your speech may be affected (I tend to not be able to get the words out that I want to say…); Your hair becomes brittle and can fall out, etc…
    You can google, but you really should consult a Dr. because even if you don’t have now, you may get in the future. It can be resolved with a simple blood test, that you have to get every so often because your levels can change.
    Good Luck and take care~

  • ignoramus

    These certainly can be symptoms of an underactive thyroid, hypothyroidism.
    There are simple blood tests to diagnose this. It is easily treated.
    Do not wait, go to an endocrinologist and find out.

  • grapelady911

    thyroid disease can present in many ways, weight gain, brittle hair, dry skin, intolerance of cold or heat etc etc. These are for an UNDERACTIVE Condition. Sometimes called hoshimoto’s disease, if its over active its called graves disease. Do a search nd youw ill find all the info you need. Then ask your Dr for a blodd test, its the only way it can be diagnosed correctly

  • Look in the bathroom mirror and see if there is a faint bulge below your Adam’s Apple, a thickening of the neck. I had these symptoms and it was thyroid.

  • grendel1213

    I have an underactive thyroid and those can very well be the symptoms for it .Also unexplained weight gain. Go to a doctor and have bloodwork done .If you do have an underactive thyroid you will be prescribed levothyroxine or something similar. I also had hodgkin’s disease and all of those symptoms fit that as well .And I was diagnosed at 27.Check your thyroid ,but more importantly get checked for hodgkin’s or any other type of cancer. Good Luck.

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