New ebook….keys to Happiness

Some Days in college the students make me laugh!

Not that they say anything funny but the look on their faces and their comments following  a lesson on some or other medical condition.imagessadlooking studnets

As I have worked in the medical Industry for many years I am able to  give them a surgical perspective along with the Theory and the usual comment I get is the following

Gee Kathy …. When we walked in here we felt great!…….and now?

They are only joking of course after listening to my rendition of the realities of living with some of these medical conditions and since 90% of them are going on to be Nurses or other medical professionals then I guess they better get used to it!

So just to turn the corner from that……. I have uploaded a new ebook this morning…..



You can download it from the Health ebooks section here




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