Is the saying true that "good health starts with a clean colon"?

If it is, how so?


  • Your colon is part of your digestive system, it has minute folds in the wall called lammallae which increase the surface area of the colon, this allows for greater absorbtion of nutrients from the broken down food etc. Now when your colon isn’t clean then folds get anything from food particles, to mucous or anything really filling them in, decreasing the surface area of the colon, meaning you cannot absorb the nutrients from your food as easily or as much so, meaning your body can become undernourished effectively. Now by eating lots of fibre and roughage foods these gently scrape along these lammallae and get rid of the buildup in them meaning absorbtion is at its optimum, so you will be getting all the nutrients and minerals from your food, thereby making it easier to be healthy.

    Hope this helped you understand

  • Taking bath is the best way of keeping clean body.
    colon is just like covering up yourself without a bath / shower.

  • nonsense. this is hype to sell an unnecessary ,and possible dangerous product. clean health exists with a healthy diet, and adequate hydration. your colon isn,t "dirty". the body "cleanses" and "detoxes" automatically if you have a high fiber, low fat diet, and plenty of water. you don,t have to do anything else. most people are somewhat dehydrated,as they depend too much on tea/coffee/soda, etc. in place of water. many people eat poorly, especially when eating fast food. the body works extremely well if you give it the things it needs. it,s really that simple.

  • stephen k

    I don’t know if it starts with a clean colon, but it certainly helps, as you keep yourself regular and things don’t back up

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