Colon Hydrotherapy Closed System?

I am a male quite healthy to some degree with no much constipation issues and am regular. I do admit that I have people would say a weak tummy. I get ‘sick’ in my tummy if I take too much chilli or any spicy food. I have nasal allegies all year round as well as sinus infections. That was why I was thinking of going for Colon cleansing. I take probiotics as well as others. I went for a colon Cleansing today [technician was there, inserted the tube, water going in me but when released for a succession of 3-4 times it was clear. She thought I did not take much water which caused my colon to be dehydrated. My wife whom I thought was much less healthy than me had a ton of fecal matter and ‘slimy’ things coming out her. I admit she takes kefir, Apple Cider vinegar, many other health related foods etc etc. Do I need to take anything to make my impaction of fecal matter softer or go through. She said I had a lot of parasites. How would they know seriously what parasites look like??? Does Oxy Powerder or Dr Natura works to remove fecal impaction? I get also pretty breathless and maybe have GERD…

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