Do I have colon cancer, 19!?

Hello everyone, I’m concerned about my health again, and I think I have colon cancer. About 1 week ago I noticed that I didn’t have that much of an appetite. I wasn’t eating nearly as much as I use to. But 2 days after that happened I noticed my appetite returned to normal. But during those 2 days I had like no bowel movements what so ever. I thought that was because I just hadn’t eaten much, so that was why I didn’t have a bowel movement. But I have been eating a lot lately now and I still haven’t had a full bowel movement. I have some abdominal pain but it’s not unbearable. Yesterday I had a bowel movement, but I had to strain myself and it was a normal size. But today I had a smaller bowel movement and it was slightly thinner, but not too much thinner. Then like 10 minutes later I went back to the bathroom and had another bowel movement but this time it was much thinner. I would say it was a larger than pencil thin, but not like a normal size. Anyway, I do have some stomach pain as well. And I had abdominal pain before and I went to the doctor for it and they said nothing was wrong. They took blood tests, and did abdominal exams and felt nothing. But that was 1 year ago and I didn’t have bowel problems then. I just can’t take this anymore. I feel like I will never be normal. Can someone help me please!
EDIT: This morning I had a bowel movement and I couldn’t really see it in the toilet so I couldn’t tell how thin or thick it was. But it WASN’T flat. Also I have been able to pass gas. I don’t know if that helps at all but yeah. And my legs have been itchy lately. Like I would say 1 week before this started.

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