Favorite Acne Cleansers & Masks

First black head was in fifth grade. First major break out was when I was 13, dermatologist at 14 and switched to three other ones. I have done restylane shots for deep scars, cortizone shots every time a cystic acne got too big. Went on Accutane once when I was 17 and again at 20. Have gone through microdermabrasion, acid peels, derma rolling and almost every topical prescribed by the dermatologist. ProActiv didn’t do much, and Clinique Acne 3 Step system sucked balls. Products: YesTo Tomatoes: Target Michael Todd Charcoal Face Wash: goo.gl Micahel Todd Pumpkin Mask: goo.gl Cetaphil: Wal-Mart Liole Pore Opening Gel: HK ColourMix Queen Helena Mint Julep Mask: Wal-Mart My Blog: goo.gl Audio file(s) provided by www.audiomicro.com Instagram SLOABN Twitter: goo.gl Vlog Channel: goo.gl Gelato’s (pet bunny) Channel: goo.gl Facebook Fan Page: goo.gl Facebook Group: goo.gl Got left over craft items? Send them here. KL Cao PO Box 66154


  • Aalicyah21

    Ive been looking for a good moisturizer for my skin, I have extremely dry skin in the crease of my chin and bottom lip, it gets so dry that it starts bleeding, ive tried so many creams, but everytime I try a moisturizer I break out with cystic acne in that spot, and that hurts even more with the cracked skin, please please help @SecretLifeOfaBioNerd!!!!!

  • MiamiHorrorLover

    I bought my Queen Helene Mint Jelup Mask at Wal-Mart for $3, it makes my skin tight though.

  • Fang Zhee

    I have a problem with bunchhh of acne products out there cz my skin is very sensitive n superr acne prone. Any recommendation, guys?

  • missmyahenna1

    Wow, that’s so kind of you to share this information with me 🙂 and SO helpful too. Thank you so much…
    I’ve suddenly just broken out in really bad spots on my cheeks and around my mouth. I’m sort of used to getting acne on my forehead and near the temples of forehead but and after using a load of benzoyl peroxide it goes away but inevitably comes back,…so this manuka honey may just be the miracle I’ve been hoping for, seeing all the spots on my cheeks and face is just really horrible 🙁

  • iheartscookie

    Do you have any recommendations for spot treatments?

  • missmyahenna1

    I will definitely be getting some of that badboy manuka honey! :)
    I’ve just looked online and I don’t mind paying £20 for it, if it’s going to work. Thanks again x.

  • RoseBrilliante

    @missmyahenna1 You’re very welcome :)) It is horrible seeing spots on your face, and even worse when you try and cover it up with makeup! I really do hope it works for you: it has worked amazingly for me and lots of other people too 🙂 Good luck on your quest for good skin and remember to drink lots of water, be it hot or normal 🙂

  • xSweetiieex

    you are pretty 🙂 looooving your videos :) xoxoxox

  • lashondalove04

    Yes! Michael Todd products are the shit

  • divorcefordinner

    idk the mint julep mask never did it for me even tho everyone else raves about this product. my face was always the same before and after, no affect at all sadly. not to mention its pretty much a hassle to take off

  • D Serrano

    I bought my julep mask for like 3 dollars at family dollar when I used to use it..idk why I don’t use it anymore though. It truly minimizes pores & gets rid of my blackheads.

  • ammets

    can u only get michael todd products off their website? or where else can u buy them?

  • BEASTObsession

    I have a question and I just hope you could help answer this for me, but when you wear foundation, how do you stop it from becoming so oily throughout the day? I use revlon colorstay liquid foundation with milk of magnesia as my base. It does stop the oilyness but I find that my face looks like cake by the end of the day day. 🙁 Help please!

  • xKoreanx

    wait so, what exactly do you do to have clear skin? Would love to know about it step by step (:

  • beccascloset

    You have such clear skin though!
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  • chocoxbear380

    I use Cerave facewash (a bit pricey but the best $11 that I’ve ever spent) and for a mask, I mix indian clay mask with organic apple cider vinegar. While my skin is oily, I actually use the Cerave for normal to dry skin because the other one dries my face out too much. The clay mask is like magic–soothes all my acne, draws out the dirt, oil and makeup and makes my skin feel really smooth. Organic black soap is good too but I found it a bit too drying to use everyday. Go try them out 🙂

  • 9Vikkk9

    My favorite toner is Thayers Rose Petal Alcohol Free Witch Hazel. If you like Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque, you will love Aztec Secret, Indian Healing Clay it’s better and lasts longer. I purchased the Mint Julep Masque from iherb dot com ($3.84). They ship worldwide. I have a coupon code for this site if you want order the first time: VIK284 and you have 5$ off.

  • creampuff94

    Basically, I got clear skin because of the Clarisonic Mia. I guess before I was not properly cleaning my skin (always used my hands), but after continuously using this with just a gentle cleanser (Cerave) and the toner (Bubzbeauty’s DIY Acne/Scar Reducing Mask & Toner)…results are amazing!

  • flawlessandimperfect

    the Neutrogena cleansers actually work really well for me! I have the actual pink grapefruit cleanser (the one that’s in a pump form) and the Deep Facial Cleanser (its an orangish color) and they do wonders for cleaning my face and clearing / keeping acne under control. Whenever I go a few days without using my grapefruit cleanser, I’ll start breaking out.

  • Jojo Chen

    I wish I wasn’t allergic to half the things mentioned. *sigh* It sucks to be diagnosed with a million different skin disorders and not be able to even use natural products to get rid of them.

  • jenblueangel05

    How do you find coupons for michael todd? I got one for signing up, but i was wondering if you get some from mail too.. >_<

  • jenblueangel05

    After reading you comment, I’m kinda scared.. Cause I just ordered mine right now and I’m in Canada. They didn’t give you a notice that tells you where it was in case you weren’t home to get it? I bought 3.. :S And usually, no one’s at home or my dad’s sleeping and I’m at school.. D:

  • Boo Songz

    Was that Neutrogena the Grapefruitone? If so just bought that and I am having super drying too. I thought it was just me.

  • Zoe Wang

    lol there are hair junky’s…. DIYers… and skin freaks! haha<3

  • lexicalsanctuary

    Neutrogena is…One of the worst lines. Somethings may work, but overall, there are better options. Alba Organics has some really great products. Their Pineapple Enzyme scrub is fantastic. Boscia Make-up Break-up is really great for truly cleansing and removing make-up before actually cleansing the skin itself. It lets your cleanser do it’s job to it’s full potential. I’ve had may 2-3 pimples since I put it in my regimen.

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