Dermatology Treatments : How to Get Rid of Eczema on the Scalp

Eczema on the scalp is a condition in which the skin has a red, irritated and itchy rash that can cause dandruff. Learn about preventing and treating eczema of the scalp with help from a dermatologist in this free video on skin care and eczema. Expert: Dr. Raphael Darvish, MD, MBA Contact: Bio: Dr. Raphael Darvish is a graduate of the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and completed his post-graduate residency training at Harbor/UCLA Medical Center. Filmmaker: Geffner Productions Series Description: Common dermatology and skin care problems involve stretch marks, eczema, rashes, acne, scars and excessive sweating. Find out how to treat these conditions and more with help from this free video series on skin health.


  • creepingmoon

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  • sweetgirl94949

    These people selling their products are not going after the root cause of why you have eczema is the first place. Your body is trying to tell you something, and you want to hide it with these miracle creams? Change your lifestyle and your diet. If you have been using steroid creams, you may be addicted to them. It is called ‘red skin syndrome’. Go to This is a non profit, not selling anything! Drugs are not something that you should be using like candy, especially on your poor babies.

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