Acne Coverage Foundation Routine

This is how I do my foundation every single day 🙂 Here is how I do my everyday EYE makeup. If you guys are interested! All of the products I use in this video have never broken me out, and as you can see I do have acne prone skin. Lol. But all these products are great! This concealer is fantastic, it has never broken me out, but I would not recommend the foundation. It broke me out. For those of you who are wondering, the medication I will be going on is accutane, starting next week. I am so excited to go on it and finally be done with acne! 🙂 ♡ MY LINKS♡ ❤INSTAGRAM: iheartmakeup92 ❤FACEBOOK: ❤TWITTER: ❤TUMBLR: ❤VLOG CHANNEL: My Camera is the Sony Handycam HDR-CX110 Business inquiries can be sent to me at: FTC- this is not a sponsored video in anyway. 🙂


  • Nu Skin Corporate

    Thank for sharing this video!! I think you look beautiful with or without acne and I commend you for sharing this video with others!

  • ishyman1983

    You look just as good with without the makeup.

  • cinderdork

    That’s funny, I actually like to mix those two concealers together to get the problem spots on my face. It works very well too.

  • Darla Thomas

    it sucks i know what u mean about that

  • MamoruV

    I think most M.A.C foundations are easier to clog poirs :S and concealer so do worst because are alot thicker and concentrated, but well if it works for you.
    did you tried any bbcream for skin with acne?

  • misslamiakhaled

    You say anyways a lot

  • WiseYodaIs

    You are so nice and I agree with you!

  • SDUFC93

    this is why i don’t trust girls with near flawless facial skin

  • Cor Scientia

    I have struggled with pimples all over my body, not just on my face. Right now my skin is almost completely clear except for a couple slight skin-colored bumps, this treatment is that good! It’s really simple, you just need some sea salt and a hot bath. I put about half a cup of sea salt, that I’ve ground up, into a full bath which I just lounge in for a half hour. It seems too simple to work but it works so amazingly well for me that I thought I’d share it. I hope it helps! Thank you!

  • Meag KCUHSAW

    You are gorgeous without the foundation. Don’t worry about it! You said yourself that thousands of teens struggle with acne, don’t stress the small stuff! You’re beautiful 🙂

  • boobyheadcfhd

    I got spots on my tits but im a stripper how do I cover them

  • xCatastrophic2x

    I know this was uploaded awhile ago! But, you should try coalface, herbalism, and tea tree toner from LUSH.

  • Fares Mohamed Amine

    for me you still beautiful 🙂

  • Michaelabeauty96

    Her skin is a lot better now because she went on accutane.

  • dangerriff

    Anyways! U’re cute!

  • Sandy CHIU

    @iheartmakeup92: how long does it take you to do it?

  • Sandy CHIU


  • chelsisxr


  • TiaAndAj

    Hey guys 😀 We covered Payphone and would love for you to check it out! Thankyou, peace and love from Australia 😀

  • kismetdaisy

    honey, i’ve dealt w/acne FOiREVER. I finally got on Retin-A Micro and my skin became flawless! For the first 2 or so months, it makes your skin break out worse and makes the skin really red and dry–so it’s rough at first, but after that, it’s beautiful! I had BAD acne scars too and it really helps w/that too. I still have scars, but it’s cause i found to retin-a too late!! Give it a try!!

  • lynncroww

    Don’t you hate when they talk and TALK and TALK. Ugh, get to the point already!

  • JaciandDarian

    I think you’re adorable! 😀

  • Ludwig Beethoven

    You’re inspirational♥

  • Nyanya Chub Chub

    honey, why don’t u check yr beauty products, whatever u use on your face with your skin care doctor? May be u got yr acne by some of the products u’re using. And its not healthy to put that much foundation on yr face when u’re having severe acne.Give yr skin a little rest. I’m just advising, not trying to be smart with u. K? 🙂

  • Lizzie Arynt

    Wash your face three times a day, avoid fast food and eat healthy food. It reduces the acnes..

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