DermTV – Wedding Ring Eczema [ Epi #111]

Wedding Ring Eczema is a common skin condition that is caused by — you guessed it — wedding rings. Dr. Schultz explains how wedding rings cause this rash and how to easily cure it.


  • 12quillemall5321

    What about cheap jewerly? I am allergic to nickel commonly used in costume jewerly?

  • LilyFlower26

    I was having the same problem for years due to my class rings. I started to think the gold was fake and i was developing an allergic reaction. This really helps!

  • dermTVdotcom

    @12quillemall5321: All jewelery except probably for 24k gold and platinum has some component of Nickel in it, so the jewelery you described would most likely be a problem for you.

  • SpookyCrab

    I’ve had an eczema problem on my ring finger for months. I put some cream that my doctor told me to use everyday on my finger but it doesn’t seem to do anything. The rash itself isn’t circular at all but it seems like it continues to spread up my finger and I would really like to start wearing my ring again. Should I just keep putting on the cream or what?

  • vixenkitten04

    I wish I had found this video when this happened to me. I hated those red itchy blisters. I boiled my rings in vinegar and now keep my hands dry while wearing my rings.

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