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  • heronakamaru

    u look like u never had eczema ive had it since i was born now am 20 nothing worksss!!!!:(

  • hero3173

    wow u luk like u never had eczema ive had it since i was 2 weeks old now am 20!! nothing works for me, ur right about the weather i think the cold makes my one worse!

  • EczemaRemedies

    trust me my face is far from perfect. I have to use hydrocortisone to keep the eczema down 🙁 iv been using it for 2 years now and im determined to find natural alternatives! but i need help! thats why im doing these videos.

    Thanks for the comment and keep in touch 🙂

  • EczemaRemedies

    It’s a nice feeling knowing that there are other people out there who know exactly what you’re going through. Not many people know about eczema and what it can do to your life! i want to be in touch with other people who are suffering like me so we can help each other. thanks for the comment 🙂 is there anything specific you’d like me to talk about?

  • hero3173

    stoped using hydrocortisone its too greasy n makes my skin go thin n then it leavs marks hav u tried protopic its better than hydrocortison, my face is the only thing annoys me i dont care about the body that u can cover up face u cant! my chicks r always red!! i got better when i went on holiday to a hot country, staying in london is bad for my skin

    thanks for replying your doing a great job with the vids keep it up:D

  • EczemaRemedies

    hey thank u so much for the positive feedback 😀 I’ve not tried protopic do you need a prescription to buy it?not a single one of the many GPs and dermatologists i’ve seen mentioned it to me! I know what u mean about getting it on the face.It’s so embarrassing and i get quite down about it cos i can’t hide it! I have been told if i spend a week in a hot country it will go away! I just want it to leave me alone!

    Again,thank u for the feedback 🙂 i will be doing another video soon 🙂

  • RuffletteBella

    GPs and dermatologists in the UK haven’t told me about protopic either, but I did get it once from a dermatologist in Poland who was horrified I had been using hydrocortisone on my face. But hydrocortisone works best for me, and now I’m back to using it pretty much non stop.
    One thing that I find really useful, is taking a strong antihistamine before I go to bed (I used Phenergan)- it helps me get to sleep and reduces the itching A LOT- makes you drowsy for about 11 hours though.

  • RuffletteBella

    I’m sure you already have a lot of ideas about what to talk about; it would probably be useful to talk about hydrocortisone although I’m sure that’s already on your list…

  • hero3173

    tell me about it! i knw where ur cuming from it puts u realy down in
    life, wen u go out u always feel someone is staring at u! before i go
    out i check the mirror 3 to 4 times lol to c how i luk!!. The GP cant
    prescribe that cream for some stupid reason its only prescribed by
    skin specialist, you cant buy it either, so you should visit a skin specialist doctor they knw more than GPs,

    thanks again:D looking forward to ur new video;)

  • EczemaRemedies

    well check this out, when i saw my dermatologist i told her i stopped using the hydrocortisone cos i was worried of the side effects and shockingly she wasnt happy!she told me if i dont treat the flare-up on my face the skin will become thick and thats what will cause wrinkles not the hydrocortisone.she said it was completely safe even if i use it the rest of my life.i’m not sure what to believe now! im confused!!

  • EczemaRemedies

    Yep thats exactly how i feel 🙁 when i don’t use steroids my whole face flares-up, even my eyes swell up! its so upsetting 🙁

    I have been to see a specialist and they never mentioned protopic to me :S so how does it work?

    I will be making more videos soon hopefully 🙂 i’m active on my blog and twitter if you wana check them out 🙂

  • RuffletteBella

    Hmm well I guess it’s all to do with risk. Hydrocortisone is there to thin the skin because eczema is thick skin, which is a good thing. But as with everything, there’s a risk of other side effects. So I think by her saying it’s completely safe isn’t completely true, using it more increases your risk, but it doesn’t mean there will be side effects for sure. With hydrocortisone I think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, so I know I will continue using it.

  • hero3173

    same here i feel the same way:( the thing annoys me the most is when people look at me and ask why is your face like that:S,protopic is a ointment like hydrocorisone but they say it doesnt thin your skin, i only use it wen my face gets worse i try avoiding steroids,

    how do i find u in twitter? i recently made a account

  • EczemaRemedies

    hmm the cream sounds good. i would like to give it a try but im so fed up of going to the GP 🙁 besides it will take at least 2 months to see a specialist!

  • EczemaRemedies

    go on twitter and type EczemaRemedies. Youtube is not letting me send you the full link for some reaons. the twitter address is on my channel under “about me” .

    I’m new to it too…but let me warn you now….it can get so addicitve!!

  • XzemaGirlBetty

    When are you posting your next video?

  • ElizaFoSho

    i have eczema ALL OVER MY BODY since i was three months. people think im weird bcuz of it 🙁 i still wait and wait till it will go away

  • EczemaRemedies

    I can imagine how hard it is for you.Try explaining to people what eczema is,sometimes people stare because they’re just trying to figure it out.I used to pretend it wasn’t there when I was around people,but then a friend asked why my face was “so red” so I told her and felt much better. Now when I have a bad flare-up I openly talk about it and complain so it’s out there in the open. Try it especially with your friends, it will become easier with time 🙂

  • dmx1650

    @ElizaFoSho i seen your comment about from a eczema vid and i know how you feel.i found a cream called vanicream . it works pretty good .i use to have some bad spots on my arms after about 2 months of using it they look alot better . also the redness went away . so i hope that works .
    ps:some other things to try shea butter , coco butter ,coconut oil , olive oil .

  • mojaki123

    hope u take my advice , i have atopic dermatitis , severe eczema , i visited a dermatologist ,he said it cant be cured but avoid the irritants that aggrivate it , just research it youll find lots that aggrivate the skin ,and certain allergins that make it worse , theres a special tablet that can be taken that takes away the ITch ,called Antihistamines which take away the symptoms ,the docter will subscribe it,people say the eczema burns out sometimes from constant use of it for 3 months so try:)

  • James Bachand

    The information on this video is great!
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  • Andy Poxon

    Your pretty and thanks for the help 🙂 Latex in chemical form has messed my hands up something rotten 🙁 

  • 8787liz

    Great job girl. Keep up the videos. Its Liz from instagram ohlizbetha 🙂

  • EczemaRemedies

    My hands look awful too but I don’t think I’m sensitive to Latex. I’ve just posted a video about my experience with hand eczema if you’re interested :)

  • EczemaRemedies

    Ohhh I recognize you! You used to do eczema videos! Have you deleted them? I used to watch your videos before I started my eczema channel. You should definitely start making videos again and we can support each other!

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