Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn Backstage at Acne Spring/Summer 2013 | London FW | FashionTV LONDON – FashionTV is backstage at Acne during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013. Models like Jourdan Dunn and Cara Delevingne wear a smidge of thick smudged eyeliner with white powdery eyeshadow on top. Hair is in a slicked side part with ponytail. Model Josephine…


  • fashiontv

    What did you think of the models at London Fashion Week Spring 2013? 

  • redninjamoirah

    so cute

  • BeautyMadisonAvenue

    I’m pretty sure the girl at with short hair, wearing high wasited shorts at 3:07 went to my school last year…

  • Maria Vittoria Reale

    they are all beautiful, but except cara they all look sad and tired:(

  • SuperAikaramba

    I only came here for Cara -_-

  • MsSunny9

    Like cattle.

  • Justminee23

    I came here for CARA and I seen her once smh

  • Grem lynn

    I loved the eye shadow look. Going to try that one later..

  • DieselxTanker

    CARA =))

  • Monica Ramirez Galvan

    Cara is my favorite model in the whole world, i love how she’s always smiling to cameras and how she seems to be in good humor all day!

  • Josie Hilliard

    why do they look so miserable :l

  • SweetxCouture

    Cause they’re tired. Hair and makeup takes hours to do

  • lovezya baby

    lovezya baby 1 second ago
    what makes Cara different than the other models is also her character!
    She is really funny she always looks so funny and happy, she makes this work fun!!
    This girl can look pretty, beautiful, funny, crazy, happy!! She is really pro at being model!!

  • MyBeauty564

    Probably cause they are 🙁 Being a model’s tough work. 

  • recklessgurl98


  • lilmanstube

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  • natia nikabadze

    cara is so fucking beautiful <3

  • myPsychicPowers

    Two of them are my very good and close friends, I’m really blessed to have them in my life. Thank you so much GOD

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