Skin Care Products For Dry Skin/Eczema

Although I am still on the hunt for products that work best for me, I thought I’d share these products that may help you or someone you know that has sensitive skin. Hair info Eurasian Ocean Wave 18″ 22″ 24″ (3 bundles) Hair installed on a U-part Wig: Twitter: Blog Tumblr: I am in no way affiliated with any companies shown in this video. I was sent products from Afro Chic Naturale for my personal consideration. All opinions and reviews for products shown are honest and unbiased. All other items shown purchased by me. Thanks for watching!


  • xoargxo22

    I know where you’re coming from. Try cetaphil. The line is costly but it actually works well the dove dries me out and i was using that also until i discovered the Cetaphil line and soap. Vist and you can find GREAT DEALS and also

  • etherealfirefly

    Have you heard of Chagrin Valley Soap? I’ve been hearing a lot of Eczema sufferers RANT AND RAVE about it. (especially on You Tube) it’s a cheaper version of lush products. The fragrances are from natural oils rather than synthetic chemicals.

  • MrsAirrickaB

    My son has eczema and it is related to food allergies. As far as moisturizers for his skin I went through so many until I found what works for him and its amazing. I use aloe vera juice in his bath water, I use baby aveeno lotion then after applying that I put coconut oil on top of it and this combo works wonders (2x a day) it even exfoliates his skin. You would not believe how fast it healed his skin! His skin is so soft now and you would never know he has eczema unless I skip his regimen.

  • lover4FASHION

    Thanks alot for the tip!

  • lover4FASHION

    I use Cetaphil now and love it! Thanks!

  • lover4FASHION

    Thanks alot for the tip!

  • Bapsayti1

    Raw Shea butter works great , my eczema is gone. But i also you black soap too. Good luck and you look beautiful !!!!

  • lover4FASHION

    Thank you! 🙂

  • Lakeadra13

    I would suggest Aveeno- Daily Moisturizing Lotion, w/ natural colloidal oatmeal, for your face and for your body Keri- Shea Butter (conditioning therapy). My face is very sensitive so I only Aveeno. This works for me! 🙂 & Dove is highly recommend and thats all that I can use. Every other type of soap makes me itch like CRAZY!!

  • lover4FASHION

    I’ve been using Cetaphil and its not as drying as Dove in my opinion. I used to love Aveeno products, but Cetaphil is pretty good. Thanks for the tip!

  • Bonitaymorena

    omg thanks so much for posting this i have really annoying dry skin and eczema and I was trying to figure out what products to use. I just hate breaking out too. Dove bath wash for sensitive skin works!! I want to see if I’m allergic too,, I always get flares ups of excema and i do eat alot of cheddar and I drink milk with cereal, so maybe it is an allergic reaction too. I’ll try my dermatologist.

  • Jieasa

    I have eczema & my symptoms are kind of similar to yours. I can’t do scents & I have desert dry skin & there’s only a few products I can use religiously on my skin. A product you should really try is Eucerin. I use the moisturizing cream in a jar & it really works wonders. It’ll keep you moisturized all day. I also use it whenever I have a breakout, it heals it right up. It’s a bit thick & a bit expensive but I’ve had my jar for at least 5 years now. It’s worth it, it really lasts.

  • wigjunkie4life

    Hello how are you I want you to know that I really appreciate your boaldness to talk about this. You are a very beautiful young lady and young entrepaneur. I watch your videos all the time because I think that you give great advice and not to mention I think you favor my daughter dramatically! She is only 8 but you look like you could be her sister, and guess what, she has eczema too! She is such a sweet girl but many times kids pick on her because she is unique and beautiful! You inspire!

  • Makeupaddict026

    Eucerin dry skin therapy original moisturizing crime is amazing , it has a thick paste but stays on for a very very good slime it’s made for sensitive dry skin it’s fragrance free and it heals and proteccts it

  • Makeupaddict026

    Creme I meant

  • ItsPrincessK

    I just saw your 2012 updated skin care regime, and I think it’s really brave of you to share about skin since it’s a touchy subject for you.

    You’re really confident and stylish! Could you make a video about you growing up, or developing your love for fashion/make up/style if you haven’t done it already?

  • AlisChoice

    I’m glad to hear that.

    Is there anything that you use for discolouration due to eczema? I’m suffering from discolouration, especially on my face. My face and neck is darker than my body. I know that some ‘approved’ lightening products that help fade dark scars, though I also have sensitive skin so I’m afaird that I might break out.

  • sfsimmons34

    I have that too!! I hate it.

  • BRTCstore

    Make sure the products you use contain all natural products like plants, fruits nad nuts because it will be less likely to irritate your skin and provide a more refreshing and natural feel.

  • Michelle Chen

    Hmm has anybody tried “Egyptian Magic Cream” or “Magic Bee Cream” for Eczema?

  • QueenViolet8

    I also use Cetaphil!! my Dermatologist told me about it my Ezema is on my cheeks and under my eyes. I to Love BBW but, I have found so many vids here on the UTube on making natural stuff. I must know what do you put on the edges of your hair my edges need HELP!!

  • smartalecky1

    They are many cures, different things work for different people because there are different causes and types. The only consistent truth is that a “pure as possible” diet drastically improves the condition.

  • munro224

    I use this product called epaderm. It is very useful as it is 3 in 1 (emollient, bath additive and skin cleanser) and it made my eczema fade a lot! I have two epaderm products, Epaderm ointment which includes no colourings, fragrances, additives or preservatives… It has a waxy texture like Vaseline, Epaderm cream it is sutible for all ages even babies and is 2 in 1 (emollient and skin cleanser) I use this on my face/ neck as the ointment/wax doesn’t feel very nice. I hope this is useful! 🙂

  • lover4FASHION

    Thanks for the tip!

  • lover4FASHION

    Thank you!

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