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  • Jeanetta Thern

    watched this last week and liked it… this week i had to favorite it because the impending doom is coming. haha

  • parakeetparty

    it smells like…… INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • parakeetparty

    is that dolly parton behind her?

  • gsquared1864

    Olga I got my friends Betsey Johnson braclets and now I might steal them….

  • Kiara Laklani

    I need help 🙁 Im pmsing and I get angry at people then cry in my room. I fell bad and I’m bloating a lot also My stomach hurts… :'(

  • Anna Chavarria

    I sit in my room watching toby pewdiepie Jenna marbel and Curtis pardie show, and you of course

  • sarah48903

    Hey Olga can you umm make a video about acne because my acne is horrible and i hate looking at the mirror and seeing all these pimples please help.

  • SketchyLovee

    I look up pictures of birds with arms :3

  • Katt114

    For the turmeric there is a mask you can make that really helps with pimples, I learned this from farahdhukai she has a very amazing tutorial just look up her name and turmeric but thanks olga! I <3 you!

  • Katt114

    When i was younger i would always ask for coffee but instead my parents would boil water with about 2 sticks of cinnamon in it then add sugar, we used to call it “Agua de canela” which means cinnamon water in Spanish try it, it’s actually pretty delicious XD

  • StephiieZee

    Eat yummy food, sleep all day and have warm soothing baths always helps me 😀

  • mclovin14141

    @wamtfah yep sometimes its very difficult to pay the cc statemtns properly every month. look, really lucky that i found this way to get emergency cash without going to bank. i found it here. ==>

  • MrTakersdemon

    i don’t really have those problems.just back pains,happiness and maybe 1 or 2 pimples

  • zena35367

    i dont really pms im a lucky girl i have my period for like 3 days 4 at the most i dont get cramps , only one or two pimples,, the worst is my boobs hurt bad but yeah not a bad experience (: thank god!

  • Clorissa Brown

    I never got emotional until recently. I’m turning 23 so maybe the younger you are the less symptoms? Idk?

  • amber Suttle

    I watch my little pony…oddly its the only thing that helps

  • MissJay1023

    Raspberry leaf, chamomile, peppermint, and some other herbs are good for cramps and mood. I drink SO MUCH damn tea and I take walks out in the woods. I usually just feel a lot of anger and I’m easily irritated around that time. That is what I do bit then again I’m a nature chick 🙂

  • hazel norton

    i am unforuntely..

  • Makemyday Jess

    love it!

  • Makemyday Jess

    love it!

  • Makemyday Jess

    love it!

  • TardisTumnal

    Thats why i’m here…

  • lilmanstube

    Hey sick of acne? Want it gone?
    Check out this review site!

    acne.pushreview. com

  • rallypointalpha

    olga you can also put cinnamon sticks in the water while ist boiling untill the water turns a red color then add some sugar if you want.

  • SweetiSaysRawr

    Guys sudocrem actually works SO well to reduce and even get rid of breakouts, even if it is a huge breakout! just apply a layer over your breakout(s) (beware you’ll turn literally white) and leave it on for a while, a few hours, overnight or even al day if youre staying in 🙂 it has been working wonders on my skin!

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