Do I have a thyroid condition? Here are some of my symptoms.?

I crave salt, and I never crave sugar – And whenever I eat, mostly, sugar I get very sick and nausea. Whenever I get a stomach ache, I feel salt is the solution to the problem – Because it absorbs the excess acid and liquid in my stomach which helps with the stomach ache. I’m always hot. In particular, it’s like I always have a fever – Because my neck is so hot all the time even when it’s really cold outside. I have dry skin, and my hair takes such a long time to get greasy. I look really young for my age – And I never really had a growth spirt. I’ve only 10/11 inches taller than I was in the 2nd grade. I have white stretchmarks. I’m so depressed all the time – And so on…

What’s wrong with me? Why am I so weird? Do I have a thyroid condition? And if so, which one? Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism?


  • no_frills

    See a doctor and get a blood test. It can determine if you have a thyroid problem.

    Being hot is a sign of be hyper, dry skin hypo. So I would have doubts on it being your thyroid.

    I would consider your stomach issues the most serious. You may have something serious. Seek medical attention.

  • Justpeachy243

    go to your doctor and ask for a blood test.

  • lumbee713

    seriously you need to go the the dr and get blood tests ran…ask for the free t3, free t4 and tsh to see where your thyroid levels are at….you might also want to get your adrenals ck’d out as salt craving usually points to that…and believe me you are not weird… just need to find out what is going on…..(ps…also have your potassium, sodium and such ck’d out)

  • Ashley

    Doesn’t really sound like a thyroid problem to me. But you can still check it to be sure. I would get a complete blood count including TSH/T-3 & T-4.

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