• marilyn B

    The standard..Good dietary habits. Starting with 6-8 glasses water daily, every day, this ASSISTS the food put into the mouth to PROPEL it along the intestines thru to the anus/rectum. Without the aforementioned the stool/fecal matter ATTEMPTS to exit the rectum in a HARDENED FORM, making having a bowel movement, pretty difficult. Also one requires daily FIBRE, like porridge, bulk FLAX***, also contains omega 3 for the heart while assisting in the fibre, multi grain breads, fruits with the skins on, veggies, preferably semi cooked, again for the fibre. NOTE*** Pops,chips,burgers, grease…..All EMPTY CALORIES….Wholesome foods is the only way, every day for guaranteed healthy living. When one does not do any of the aforementioned, the foods STAY in the colon a lot longer than desired. The secret is too ensure that you get sufficient FIBRE DAILY, and as mentioned, morning porridge, with dried fruits atop, hot teas and of course EXERCISE throughout your waking hours. best wishes.

  • yogurt & kefir (fermented milk)

  • Shasta

    Slightly burnt popcorn.

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