Colon Cleansing horror and helpful stories?

I was doing some research on health and cam across colon cleansing. They said that some times people have parasites and do not even know it. Parasites like tapeworms, roudworms, whipworms Has anyone experienced this, if so please tell me of the pros and cons.


  • Angel Eyes

    Colon cleansing is absolutely one of the best things you can do for your health and body. We are all exposed to numerous toxins throughout life and ridding your body of them is great!

    There are teas and drinks or colonics the drinks are just as good as the colonics.

    All people should at least cleanse themselves a minimum of once a year.

    Don’t worry yourself of having tapeworms or any of that, sure it could happen to some but why worry yourself if you have no bad symptoms.

  • Machan

    I don’t know about parasites, but I did a cleanse, and I was very surprised at how much ‘sludge’ was in my body. I lost 5 pounds just with that. The parasites need to be treated by a doctor if you have them. A cleanse will not help get rid of them.

  • saltydog24

    The problem with colon cleansing is that it washes out the good bacteria that your body needs for digestion. The colon is surprisingly good at keeping itself in check and a colon cleanse will disrupt the balance of good bacteria.

  • Panda

    There is no purpose to colon cleansing as your own body is capable of keeping itself operational. If you suspect you have a parasite than you need to see a doctor who will know how to kill it and get rid of it for good.

    Colon cleansing is just a fad.

    Health Facts and Fears: How Clean Should Your Colon Be?
    "Naturally, the body empties its waste once it has absorbed the required food and calories it needs for energy through the small intestine. But by taking any form of laxative on a daily basis, individuals will cause their body to lose needed nutrients and fluids and also fall out of a natural rhythm. Continued use of products for "internal cleansing" can lead to bloating, cramping, dehydration, and disturbances and imbalances in electrolytes (such as potassium and calcium, which ensure healthy teeth, joints, bones, nerve impulses, blood sugar levels, and the delivery of oxygen to the cells of the body). More severe side effects may include cardiac arrhythmias, heart attack, kidney problems, and even death.

    It is possible for individuals to experience withdrawal symptoms when they cease such programs, including abdominal cramping, mild to severe constipation, bloating, mood swings, and general feelings of fatigue, but Natural Medicine Associates says these can also be taken as "symptoms" of parasitic infection. Your health problems may be a result of the treatment, not actual predatory parasites.

    "If you think that you are have acquired a parasite, then you should consult your doctor and be tested. One way to test for a parasite is by giving a stool sample, which is then analyzed by a laboratory. The Centers for Disease Control recommend that three or more stool samples, collected on separate days, be examined by a laboratory to look for the parasite or its eggs. Oftentimes, this is the most effective method of diagnosis. A blood test can also detect some parasites.

    Eliminating the parasitic infection is the key to relieving symptoms. You don’t have to purge your body of all fecal matter to rid yourself of the nasty beast. Antiparasitic drugs are available through your doctor, and you can fight parasites by making changes to your diet or adding "friendly" bacteria to your gastrointestinal tract.

    There are a number of preventive measures that you can follow to reduce your risk of acquiring a parasite. According to the NIAID, individuals should wash their hands before eating and after cleaning up or playing with pets. Also, fully cook meat, do not eat in places that appear unsanitary, and avoid water from uncertain sources."

  • complex

    This question should be under general diseases not cancer.

  • beauty queen

    Most of the time we get the parasites from the food that we eat…

    For colon cleansing home remedies, the best thing would be going for juice fasting for 3- 5 days or eat a diet high in fiber and drink your recommended amount of water.

    For colon cleansing products, Cellular Research, Dr. Natura, Dr. Schulze, Enuvia, Health Plus, Nature’s Secret and Oxy-Powder are quite among popular among the industry. is a blog that review colon cleanse product, colon cleanse home remedies and more.

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