still sleepy? thyroid condition.?

im 13 years old and have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and now i take 50 msg of Levothyroxine but i still sleep like 15 hours a day (since its summer i dont have to go to school) does anybody know why i sleep this long and still feel sleepy and no im not just being lazy.


  • Maisie

    You have not mentioned how long you have been taking the thyroid medication.
    I will assume you have been seeing an endocrinologist? Who did all the proper testing and evaluations to determine this is what you truly have. I firmly believe in more then one doctors opinion.
    Discuss this with your Mom so she can make an appointment with your doctor and then write down all the things which you are experiencing while on your medication..Speak up–become a advocate for your own health care–do not be afraid to ask questions or have your Mom ask for you.
    It is not uncommon to need the medication dosage adjusted more then once in order to reach the proper dosage–blood testing should also include more then just the TSH . It is also common for adjustments in medications during certain times of the growing stages of a young girl such as yourself, as well as into adulthood.
    Good luck to you.

  • idiotsgetinfree

    Get your mom to take you back to the doctor and get retested… your meds might need to be adjusted. While you’re there, speak up, tell the doctor exactly how you’re feeling and ask him this. I have hypothyroidism and it’s common to be tested at least once a year to check dosage.

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