skippy natural and heart/health?

I LOVE peanut butter and usually eat 2 peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread daily. The peanut butter I use is always Skippy Natural. Is this kind still bad for my arteries and waist line? I also like jiff reduced fat. Which is better and will peanut butter have any bad effects on me? And will it still make me gain a ton of weight even though I balance my calories out instead of letting pb add to them? Any other health facts about PB would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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  • regardless of what most people think, fats and oils ARE good for you, but not in excess, and it depends on what kind of fats. I’m not so sure about skippy, but nuts/peanut butter are a great source of the good fats, as long as you get the natural kind. my guess would be that skippy loads their PB with tons of sugar and sodium and artificial flavoring. when you go to the supermartket look for natural or organic PB.

    long answer short, YES peanut butter has a lot of nutritional benefits but not in excess and probably not skippy, look for a more natural brand.

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