• Tommy

    very natural and not harmful to health

  • Canadian Bacon

    100% natural, 100% healthy (unless you do it like 3 times a day…)

  • Strawberri_Chii

    Masturbation is very healthy, and natural and will not effect your health.

  • shewolf

    You must be a very young person asking this. yes and no.

  • BaseballFan2625

    you could do it like 100 times a day and you’d be fine

  • Mikepoolover

    if you wank 100 times its still healthy

  • my sword my trade!

    no it is healthy you cant die from it. it is normal, normally everyone’s first sexual experience. manipulation of the genitals is natural don’t feel disguised with your self. it is your body do what you please with it. it might even be healthy because it relieves stress!

  • No you can loose your eye sight WOOHAHAHA!!!! Lol seriously? Its a no brainier its healthy and natural

  • Tushar

    it is not at all harmful….and it is not going to do any bad to ur health.

  • mm200404

    There is actually scientific proof that masturbation is good for you, both as a stress reliever and in reducing risk of prostate cancer in men and possibly cervical cancer in women.

  • Patio of Fun

    It helps in reducing the risk of prostate cancer.



    Normal man!!

  • Frank T

    it is a natural thing and come naturally to everyone
    but what I am going to say is
    make sure you make it last long time
    because if you get yourself used to release fast
    then a female will not like that when it is her turn
    so make yourself able to last long time
    and the more you do it, the longer you can last
    also it helps a few male organs NOT get cancer, that is medically proven

    good luck

  • Quite the opposite, its actually beneficial for health. It eliminates stress, extends life expectancy and lowers your risk of cancer! Not just masturbation, but ejaculation during sex as well.

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