Natural remedy for Headaches?

I have chronic headaches and I dont like to take alot of meds. Does anyone know of a safe and natural remedy for headaches that actually works?


  • Pure essential peppermint oil is brilliant for nasty headaches and migraines. Simply put 2 – 3 drops onto a cotton ball and inhale the wonderfull minty vapours for a minute or two ~ ensuring not to get it on your skin as it may irritate. Then lie down for 15 – 20 minutes in a cool dark room.

    The organic loose leaf variety of peppermint tea is also a great choice to eliminate a headache. Simply put 2 – 3 teaspoons of the herb into a teapot and top with boiling water and let brew for 15 – 20 minutes. Peppermint tea is also a good tonic for an acid tummy and will lift your mood and spirits without being a stimulant ………. organic is the best way to go as the essential oils in it are so rich, the commercial varieties have had so much of the goodness pulverised from them they could never possibly be used for therapeutic purposes. ♥

    Any good health food store should be able to provide you with both the oil and herbal tea ♥

    Water, water, water is what you need to stay hydrated hun. At least 2 – 3 litres per day. Hey, you need at least 2 litres per day just to maintain aspiration (to breath)!! Headaches could be due to dehydration ~ other symptoms of dehydration are puffy bags under your eyes, dark circles under your eyes, headaches and migraines, constipation, bloating and cramps, inability to think clearly ♥

    Also try to cut back on dehydrating drinks such as coffee, tea, sodas and soft drinks and alcohol (if you drink any) as these will not only dehydrate you terribly but also rob you of your precious B complex of vitamins ♥

    A deficiency in vitamin B3 ………. never buy any of the B complex of vitamins individually, as they work best as a group, so buy them as a whole ie ~ B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 andB12 ………. will produce negative personality changes in a person and will also produce headaches and migraines, diahorrea, depression, itching skin.

    Eat more foods rich in this vitamin ie ~ fish, lean meats, whole wheat products, brewer’s yeast, liver, eggs, roasted peanuts, the white meat of poultry, avocadoes, dates, figs and prunes ~ a handfull of steamed chicken does the trick for me when i have a cracking headache♥

    Foods rich in vitamin B3 will also eliminate canker sores and often times bad breath too. it will give you healthier looking skin, increase circulation and reduce high blood pressure. It is necessary for a healthy nervous system and brain functions.

    iburofen and Tylenol will do a fine job of ripping you off of your essential complex of B vitamins ………….. hence, they may work to start with but fail to actually cure the cause and only serve to bandaid the symptoms.

    I truly do wish you all the very best of health & vitality buddy♥

    take care of you ♥


  • oldknowitall

    Feverfew is good for migraines. Rubbing lavender oil into the temples helps. I like to just massage my head all over. That usually helps.

  • Jen D

    Chamomile tea is good for headaches, as is inhaling essential oil of lavender.

  • kamikaziggy

    Sleep and relaxation.

  • Ann L

    This time of year it could be allergies because of the pollen. Also a headache is often a body’s cry for water. Most of us don’t drink nearly enough water, and way too much caffeine. So try drinking a glass of water at the rate of about one per hour for a few hours. Yes you will go to the bathroom as the extra water helps the kidneys clean the waste and toxins from your blood. But that could be part of the culprit for the headache.

  • eat about 10 dark Bing cherries… there’s a compound in them that’s a natural pain killer…

    but the best thing to do is to pay a professional massage therapist to give you at least a 30 minute upper body massage (make sure to tell them that you have a headache and you want them to focus on your upper back, head, neck and shoulders).. most headaches are caused by unconsciously tensing your muscles in these areas (yes you have plenty of muscles on your head)… when these areas are released (a professional Licensed Massage Therapist knows all of the trigger points and muscles that need to be released so just having a friend give you a massage probably won’t do the job) your headache disappears… this is better than medication because it actually fixes the problem temporarily… The only way to permanently fix tension headaches is to pay attention to your body and make sure to relax your muscles when your stressed…

    There is also a trigger point between your pointer finger and thumb deep in the muscle that can be compressed for a bit (you’ll need to do it with enough pressure that there’s a little discomfort) and it can ease a headache… but from my experience the massage really is the best way

  • Lanie&Mike n

    i use to have major migraine once a month. My friend gave me this juice to drink and now i hardly have any headache. It also helps lower my cholesterol and get rid of my grout.

  • aimeeme_g

    There are several shiatsu points for headaches you basically hold the point with a good amount of pressure for a minute or so. For example on the radial side of the hand, in the middle of the second metacarpal bone. In other words in the middle of your hand, on the thumb side, under your index finger. Look up shiatsu on line. Good luck!

  • Beauty-123

    Do anuloma-viloma Pranayama (breathing exercise) regularly:
    Also try and see if these home-remedies work for you:

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