natural remedies for health?

i’ve been taking ACV and coconut oil for a while now, but after doing some research on taking ACV internally and the long-term side effects it could cause, I’m a little scared now. what are some tried and true natural remedies I can take internally to help my health without all the nasty long term side effects?
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thank you all for your answers. i think i’m going to do what everyone is saying here, and try to eat a more nutritious diet and just take a multivitamin daily. i’ve already been trying to avoid foods with bad ingredients/preservatives, but it’s kind of hard being 17 with no job to buy the foods i want to eat.


  • The mom

    Your body was designed to work at optimum efficiency only requiring a decent, well balanced diet and regular exercise. Your health doesn’t depend on taking any pill or potion, and your body wasn’t designed to get nutrition from a pill. Coconut oil is just a fat as far as your body is concerned, one high in cholesterol, I might add. I’m not sure what you mean by ACV- if you mean apple cider vinegar- that’s neither harmful nor really beneficial either. It’s just acidified water, really. The acidity has nothing on the acid in your stomach. The body absorbs the water it contains, and that’s about all it does get from it. There isn’t any nutrition in it to be had. Honestly, save your money and don’t buy into all those nutritional supplements and things. Use the money to buy good quality food, and eat a decent diet. Exercise, eat right, and lead a decent life, and you will stay healthy. If you don’t, all the nutritional supplements in the world won’t help. A diet of real food and a sensible lifestyle is the most natural way in the world to maintain good health.

  • hecla 1

    long term side effects associated with ACV??…..what are they and where did you get that information from??

  • Confirming above. The Mom’s post is some of the best advice you can get concerning your health.

  • TeacherMom

    Good multi-vitamin, and Omega 3 Fish oil are clinically shown to be beneficial. There are a couple of folks that think the source of fish oil can contain mercury, and suggest krill oil instead, but I’ve not researched that. Generally a good multi-vitamin (with iron if you are female) and a fish oil gel cap per day, will help you most of all. You may also want to research resvertrol (comes from red grapes) and blueberry extract, both for antioxidants and anti-aging affects.

  • vnmatranjan

    Many people in INDIA are going in for uncooked diet for 40 days to give a great boost to their body, it has worked wonders! Flatteded rice[ uncooked] with raw coconut and groundnut with a combination of fruits is good

  • Michelle

    I wonder what health conditions you are concerned about. Do you have a health problem or are you just looking to have a healthy life style?

    If you are looking for a healthy life style then eat a balanced diet with five to seven servings of fruits and veggies daily using more veggies than fruits, more raw than cooked veggies.

    Limit processed foods with white sugars and flours opting instead for whole grains.

    Get more of your proteins and iron from vegetable products and less from animal products, limit your consumption of red meats.

    Drink lots of water and some tea (green, white and red teas are better than black but black is still a good source of antioxidants)

    Limit sugars and fats.

    Get moderate exercise 3 to 5 times per week, do not drink alcohol excessively, do not smoke or use drugs, meditate or practice some form of relaxation daily.

    Health is a lifestyle not a single substance. Good luck.

  • love98_4

    There are many natural remedies you can take that will help your health in the long term. It really depends on what exactly it is that you want to focus on. Now there is 2 in particular that I take that has helped me in many way because for one I have diabetes and 2, its the only natural alternative medicine I take that keeps me away from taking what the doctors give me (not that its always a bad thing).

    Now if you think about it, even before you’ve taken your first breath, you have been exposed to toxins and chemicals which significantly accelerate the aging process. The water you drink, the air you breath, even the fruits and vegetables, and other foods you depend on for nourishment are contaminated with hormones, pesticides, and industrial pollutants. Now over time, you become more susceptible to the build up of plaque and intestinal debris. So to be able to remove the majority of these harmful substances, we need a little push. (Ok so thats part of my "health" speech…not that I ever had one lol.)

    So what I take is called Natural Cellular Defense and Agari Gold. And the best part is that there isn’t any side effects, none that I know of. If you would like more info on these items, please feel free to email me at It truly is a wonderful alternative to many others alike. My father takes it, friends… and all you need to do is either email me or just go to the website below and see for yourself.

    Hope this helps and you find what your seeking.

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