I have been taking Mirtazapine 15mg for 6 weeks now, and I have been extremely irritable. I know my body, and I know this medicine is not good for it. I have taken SSRI’s in the past and they gave me suicidal thoughts. I really am tired of being put on prescription medicines. I have severe anxiety though. My heart starts to pump fast and my hands shake ALL the time. Is there any natural supplements that can help anxiety? My anxiety is preventing me from living a normal life. It is hard for me to get a job, because my hands shake so bad. My hands shaking is very embarrassing, and it causes even more anxiety. I don’t want any prescription medications at all. I need to find something that is all natural to help my anxiety. Does anyone know anything about this? Also, I have had my blood work done and everything came back fine. I have had traumatic experiences in the past, but I am seeing a therapist. My anxiety and hands shaking have nothing to do with these traumatic experiences, and my doctor says I am healthy. My hands shaking and anxiety goes all the way back to when I was a child. My hands have always been shaky, and the only apparent reason is anxiety.

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