Natural Menustration Remedies?

I am in so much pain today. I am a 16 year old woman and I refuse to have any Western medication for the severe cramps and loss of blood I have during menustration. I don’t have any medicine in the house to help cure it anyway and I always find at this time of the month I just end up vomiting it up.

I tried walking. I walked a mile but the pain was just so excrutiating I had to rush home as to not make a fuss in public. Now i’m home, i’ve put three nettle tea bags in a cup of boiling water and have a hot pad on my abdomen.

I was just wondering if there were any other things I could try? I’ve tried to hydrate myself but the problem with drinking right now is everything seems to come back up and cause me bad digestion.

I have friends over tonight so any suggestions (hopefully with things lying around the house because I really can’t move right now) would be great!
‘try Western medication……….its not gonna kill u……’

With all of the chemicals in them I wouldn’t be suprised if they did eventually.


  • Kasha

    Rather than treat cramps you’re better off preventing them, look at books and sites to find what works for you – if looking for natural health care then you need to educate yourself.

    It’s best not to use painkillers if you can help it, apart from the fact that they don’t cure cramps but at best just numb the pain, they can actually make cramps progressively worse over time. Rather than painkillers get some Clary Sage oil – it’s an essential oil you rub into your stomach, it works better than painkillers and you don’t build up immunity, it also supports estrogen production and acts on pituitary gland to prevent cramps in the first place – it’s pretty much the best way to ease menstrual cramps.

    Look into different herbal treatments to prevent and cure cramps, fresh is best but tea bags are fine, just don’t boil as this effects herb potency and use just before and during your period. Look for women’s blends or yarrow, lemon balm, black haw, chamomile, red raspberry, wild strawberry, valerian, and raspberry leaf works very well to stop cramps. There is Bupleurum (xiao yao wan) which is a Chinese medicine, you take 3-4 tablets 4 times per day for two weeks before your period is due, buy from Chinese herbalists. Take Evening Primrose oil or Black Cohosh capsules daily to regulate hormones to prevent cramps, you can get these from health stores and supermarkets too. There are lots of other helpful herbs, try talking to health store staff for help, and look at Sister Zeus

    Heat is good to increase blood flow to pelvic organs, some people prefer cold, if heat works try a relaxing hot bath with lavender oil, also masturbation will help as during orgasm a the hormone oxytocin is released causing uterine contractions, orgasm also means relaxation and improved circulation. Avoid tampons like the plauge, they’re very bad for vaginal health due to their effect on the vagina and the harmful ingredients used within manufacturing, in turn effecting menstrual health, they also expand adding to bloating and hitting the cervix causing more pain, instead use options like pads, softcups or menstrual cups which are safer and generally much better than tampons anyway, and you should notice a difference in cramps and flow.

    Excercise to stretch abdomen and improve breathing, this video of yoga postures for cramps – or try stretches like kneeling, sloping your back, lean on your arms and rest your head on the floor, rest and relax in this position, or lie on your back, hugging one knee, roll your body to the opposite side and back. Complimentary treatments can help such as Acupressure, you can use basics yourself, simulate points BL24 (Qihaishu), BL25 (Dachangshu), BL30 (Baihuanshu), BL31 (Shangliao), BL32 (Ciliao), BL34 (Xialiao), CV2 (Qugu), CV6 (Qihai), KI5 (Shuiquan), and KI6 (Zhao Hai). See this video showing you how to use certain points to stop cramps – this will ease cramps pretty much straight away!

    To prevent cramps diet is a huge factor, small changes before your period can make a big difference, but it’s so complex you’ll need to research it yourself to know what foods to eat and why. For now get a balanced diet of nutritious foods rich in essential fatty acids and low in refined sugars, refined carbohydrates and hydrogenated fats, avoid foods that make you bloated such as salty foods, when bloated drink water with a little lemon juice as a natural diuretic. Some find dairy, caffeine and especially soy cause problems – although coffee is good for reducing menstrual flow. Try taking a good multi-vitamin, omega 3 or flaxseed oil (approx. 500Mg 2-4 times a day), B vitamin complex with 100mg of vitamin B6, Magnesium (100mg every 2 hours during menstruation), and vitamin E in d-alpha tocopherol form (50mg 3 times a day). It sounds complex but for a start try a multi-vitamin daily and increase magnesium, calcium and potassium during your periods which are needed by your body to help uterus shedding. Cell salts are a good natural mineral to take as your body needs these for basic functioning so if lacking it can cause problems – when you get cramps take them every 5-10 minutes until the pain stops, see

    Emotions are something to look at too, in your teens your hormones are rushing around like crazy so this may cause hormonal imbalance that in turn leads to menstrual problems, but teens are also one of the most stressful times in your life so consider this too – I have yet to meet a specialist who does not recognise the connection between emotional well-being an menstrual health, often it is the first thing they enquire about. It’s not just about whether you were stressed recently either, if there is an ongoing issue in your life that you are not happy with such as difficult home life or something you want to pursue like a particular career/education path that you feel you cannot follow these can effect emotional health which effects your body as a whole. One of the biggest things I believe cause problems for women is that menstrual taboos make women feel negatively about menstruation, with all negative ideas about menstruation coming from media and other people some women will internalise these and can leave them feeling at war with themselves, emotionally menstruation can bring feelings of dread or discomfort and this can show as physical problems during menstruation.

    You can treat cramps yourself but if that fails see a doctor, for advice or testing to check for more serious problems such as endometriosis. However be warned that many doctors prescribe the pill as a quick-fix, contrary to popular belief it doesn’t regulate menstrual cycles it suppresses them which limits how you care for your sexual health, can hide serious problems, may not work and may have side-effects, so consider this before using the pill. You can ask your doctor for an anti-inflammatory drug such as Mefenamic acid to block the the synthesis of prostaglandin F2 alpha, a hormone responsible for cramps, you take these 3 times a day for the first 4 days of your period.

    As much as you may be against western medicine if you have a health problem then you need to have it seen to and treated, I myself may like to avoid such medication as much as possible, but it’s illogical not to treat a health problem. Refusing to see a doctor or take medication for health problems will kill you – not all western medicine is evil, it’s just a case of knowing what your options are and what you are putting into your body. Educate yourself about what treatments are on offer, be aware that ignorance of what is going into your body or about the harmful effects of certain ingredients or treatments have is just as much a problem with natural treatments as it is in western treatments!

  • prplfae

    I’ve noticed that proping my up on a pillow when lying down helps me with cramps. other than that, the hot pad which you’ve already tried. Try some peppermint to calm your nausia.

  • luii14

    "any other things I could try?"

    try Western medication……….its not gonna kill u……

  • cat_me_ow

    You can try drinking tea
    use a heating pad
    take a warm bath
    rock back and forward
    shake your legs (vibration helps great deal)
    breathe in and out slowly
    I know this sounds gross, but having an orgasm will lessen the pain. (not sex)
    eat a banana
    massage the area in pain
    Iknwo you said you tried some of these, so I hoped the others will help you out.

  • Any reason why the aversion to ‘western medicine’? Billions of people take it. Much of it comes from derivatives of plants.

    You worry about chemicals, yet you are using a computer. Made of plastics and radioactive materials. Do you wear makeup, deodorant, shampoo, clothing? It is easy to say you want to avoid it, but unless you are planning on moving to a tree, it is almost impossible.

    A couple midol you will be fit to go, no pain, no cramps. Done.

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