Natural health??

Does anyone know of some natural/handy health remedies to improve both your physical appearance and mental wellbeing?
I’m looking for answers such as… 8 hours sleep a night will make you look and feel fresh and reviatlised.


  • Try a body cleanse. 🙂

    Try "Supreme Cleanse." I do those three times a year. It makes me feel great. It’s about $40 at Whole Foods. It’s totally natural.

    I also work out for 1 hour a day. That gives me much more energy, however if you only want to do 30 minutes (min) that’d be fine too. That helps me fall asleep quicker and I generally sleep very soundly.

    I keep an air purifier in my bedroom. I’ve also noticed that that has helped me sleep more soundly.

    So basically, like you said – get enough sleep, BUT it needs to be good sleep so you wake refreshed. IMO your well-being revolves around how well you sleep!


  • marc c

    warm bubbly baths after doing alot of running etc makes you feel relaxed. Works for me.
    Quick showers in morning, Drinking 4-5 glasses of water a day makes you feel awake and it helps with skin, Dont drink anything like coke, lucozade after sports because that just dehidrates you more, Normally when you become dehdrated you go all pale and you loose colour in your face. Doesnt look very good,Thats what i do to keep myself good, metaly and physical appearance. If

  • success.brian

    You need to drink at least 60 oz of good clean water a day, and drinking more than that isn’t awful either. Because soils are depleted and food is cooked and processed, you need an exceptional daily multivitamin. I suggest a liquid one with water soluble angstrom sized minerals and at least 15grams of whole food fruit complex, which is strong in antioxidants. The rest is essential, that is when the body heals and repairs itself, and believe it or not even helps you maintain a healthy body weight.

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