Do You Have The January Blues?

Just this morning on the Radio the add said

Do You have the January Blues?

If not the get the latest blues record here……

I thought the add was clever as it tapped into something that happens many of us ……me included.

In fact although I teach about Personal Development in College and can analyze my emotions and the reason why I still have to stop myself falling into that trap of thinking that if so and so or this thing or that thing then I would feel better .

If presently you feel I am talking double Dutch then hear me out. ……..


How many of us have worked really hard to get what we want, but then we do not enjoy it. In fact we keep thinking that if we go for the next thing then that will make us happy.


Whatever we get It is never enough; We always feel as if we are missing something.

In all reality the problem lies in the fact that we are not happy with ourselves, our relationships, our health, or our work. There is always one more thing to strive for and then everything will fall into place. How many times do we feel that the answer will be money.
You see this all the time.

Watch the pop idol shows on TV in both the UK and USA. The contestants tell us how this will change their life. They have to be picked, this is what they have wanted their whole lives, if they do not get picked then they do not know what to do . Fame and celebrity status are our idols. Many of us believe that having either will make us successful and happy.
At the other end of the scale, there are people who are very content with who they are and what they do. They do not know how to get more of the things they want. Their hearts are open to life, yet they are still not living their dreams and they just sit with what they have.
When I lived in Africa for 22 years and then returned to the UK I went through a period of envy at people who were content as I found it really hard to settle and kept thinking of things that would make life better. I just could not understand how they could be so content with living in the same Town and the same country all their lives.
Neither side of the scale is right.
I believe that Personal success is somewhere in the middle where you strive to get what you actually want and then when you have it continue to want it. The mistake we make in today’s society is that people get mixed up with how personal success is measured .It is not by who you are or have become or what you have or how much you possess.

Flashing your money means nothing.

Instead, personal success is measured by how good you feel about who you are, what you have done, and what you have.
Personal success is within our grasp, but we must clearly know what it is and set our intention to have it.