• hi there 🙂

    i have not attended Clayton, but actually a few months ago i requested some course information from them, as i am considering getting a degree in natural health. in fact, just last week my naturopathic practitioner actually recommended them as a very legit and great way to get a degree if going back to "real college" isnt practical. i trust my naturopath quite a bit, so im sure if you look into Clayton and find that it’s a good fit for you, it will all work out!

    hope this helps 🙂 best of health to you!

  • aichausa

    Don’t regard those Clayton post cards that you, and everyone else, inquires. Chances are, with a Clayton education (online education–if it’s in alternative medicine, ie: naturopathic medicine), is not a qualifiable education as you will need the lab. Any field that requires lab as part of its curriculum and is offered at an online/correspondence institution such as Clayton, is deemed unusable by practices. If, in fact, you are searching for a reputable alternative school of medicine, you will need to look at institutions such as Bastyr University, located in the Pacific Northwest. There’s also University of Bridgeport in Southern Connecticut. Do yourself a favor and ditch those Clayton post cards, they’re worthless.

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