Does anyone know of any herbal/natural remedies for Sarcoidosis?

I am 39 and was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis about 2 years ago. Of late I have felt the symptoms becoming worse again. I was given steroids before but don’t like the side effects. Can anyone help me find an effective alternative to prescription medicines?


  • Unbelieved

    I do not have the answer for you but am going to give you a sight to look at. Go to the Encyclopedia of Natural Healing online, or most health food stores have a copy as a reference. Also ask the resident nauropath at I know nothing of your illness but highly reccomend that you start here and then go to your local health food store for reccomended products. Also put a filter on your shower, and use bottled water for everything else. This is available at your local water store. On general health alone this is good advise. Chlorinated water causes more harm than your can realise. Good luck. Harvey.

  • I’m afraid there are not really any other treatments except those described in my link below.

    It sounds a very unpleasent condition, but please be careful that in your desperation to cure it you do not fall victim to the scam artists out there that prey on people who are ill.

    Your’s is a very real condition and will not respond to alternative therapy that relies on the placebo effect and ‘regression to the mean’.

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