Detox and colon cleansing?

I heard that colon cleansing can help lighten your iris gradually. Is this the same with body detoxification?


  • Steven

    Colon cleansing can significantly improve your overall health which has been known to benefit your skin complexion and can very well improve your eye conditions. The toxic build up in your colon has been accumulating for years and has very negative effects when left stuck in the walls of your colon. It is extremely important to remove this idle waste.

    Those who are in the field of health and wellness have all stressed the importance to detox your body. Even television health experts have stressed this importance such as Dr. Oz, Kevin Trudeau and even Jack Lalanne.

    Colon detoxing actually been around for many years such as dating back in 1500 B.C. used by the Egyptians, and colon cleansing was also reported being used commonly in Ancient Greece. Also in the 1900’s the colo detox irrigation machines were finally born and used in America.

    I have an excellent resource that explains what I am talking about in a lot more detail.
    The link is posted to this resource below if you’re interested.

  • *coughs*

    I’ve never heard that. I think it’s bogus.

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