Dealing with Eczema

It’s a skin condition characterized by dryness, redness, and itching. I recently experienced this in my eye area and it has since cleared up. Watch the video to see how I dealt with it, and please share your own advice in the comments section. *I am not a doctor. I am just sharing my own experience* Follow me on Twitter! FACEBOOK! BLOG:


  • aummie holmes

    cortizone can thin your skin too tho…

  • Lindsay1581

    True, hydrocortisone cream in general thins skin. Over-the-counter creams can contain about 1% of hydrocortisone, but prescription creams contain much more, which puts you at a greater risk for skin-thinning.

  • Karl R.O.S. Johnson, DC

    Many eczema sufferers have gluten intolerance that often times leads to psoriasis and eczema. There is specific testing that can determine if this is the case. Getting to the cause is always better that just treating the symptoms. Sometimes an allergy to makeup, or other skin products can also be a causative factor.

  • StellaXFashion

    I have eczema and have tried nearly everything… treatment like this is temporary!! Im currently trying chinese herbal treatment which claims to clear it in 3 weeks!!

  • TheBrynnie

    I have eczema too. It’s on my fingers, arms, back, and a little bit on my legs. When I first when to the doctor they told me it was genetic and can pop up when ever. It didn’t used to be this bad and is annoying because I am a college student and have a lot of stress, but putting on my medicated cream and keeping my skin moisturized does help.

  • EliChe21

    I have it how long have you had it? Because it should start from childhood and if you just got it it might not be ezcema

  • amy3971

    Eczema is not always genetic, but it is often one of those that skips a generation, perhaps your grandparents had it? Yes, stress it a big thing that exacerbates a condition like eczema. The cream your doc gave you is a steroid cream, it takes off the top layer of skin (the flaky stuff) to renew it and ease the dryness by removing the dry skin and moisturising. Thats why you shouldnt use too much. Hope that helps a bit! x

  • MrsAllthingsgirly

    I have eczema On scalp neck arms thighs legs And a little On mt face. I break out From heat. I wear long sleeve shirts And jeans abd jackets because middle school are.cruel.

  • Christopher711

    When my hands get cold they crack open to the read meat of my hand. My doctor told me eczema and recommended I use Eucerin hand lotion but it still cracks if I don’t use it constantly.

  • 1lifevest

    thank you sooo much ive had a little dry spot near my tear duct and it wont go away and this is deffinitley what i have thank you im gonna go see a doctor now because proms coming up and its so annoying when putting on makeup

  • UniqueOutsider1

    Thank you so much. I suffer from eczema i get it on my inner elbows. thankfully its cleared up. But i have it really bad on my eyes. that have aged my outer skin there. I have wrinkles galore. Im 20 years old and I actually look in the eyes like i should be 60 years old. My make up always looks horrible.

  • Monica Till

    i turned 27 and developed eczema and psoriasis its all over my body in horrible hives 🙁 it is horrible i dont wish it on anyone

  • xtawnsme

    My cousin has had eczema since she was a tot! She used aquaphor and different ointments every. single. day. She is now 14 and has had a SIGNIFICANT difference in her skin. As a toddler she had red patches around her body but now, you wouldn’t even know that she had it! The origin of her eczema is unknown because no one else in her family had a history of eczema. But that doesn’t matter because after 13 years, she is nearly cured!

  • pnber

    try 100% pure jojoba oil, it moisturizes and eases the itchyness.

  • Beautyteen193

    ive had it since i was 3 and since then ive been using aquaphor on it and skin oil. it really helped. also my mom told me that by putting moisturizer on it and tanning, it starts to loose it very peachy color. It worked for me and its really not so noticable. 🙂

  • Debora Fiuza

    I did have eczema in my childhood (in specific areas), but in my adolescence it got severely worse, spreading rapidly everywhere, including the soles of my feet, backs of hands, face, neck and scalp. Terrible, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. However, after several years of this, a few months ago my skin just completely cleared up almost spontaneously. It was a mixture of more emotional stability (less stress, therapy), finding good products (Clinique and Avène) and dust/allergen-free environment.

  • Debora Fiuza

    I know how you feel, sweetheart! I’m 20, also, and my eczema is really bad around my eyes, and I’m terrified of aging precociously. I’m also starting to get wrinkles.

  • doeringerle

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  • BehindTheAwkward

    I have eczema, too. In the winter it will get really bad and it will it itch. In the summer where eczema was I would have white spots on my face from where I lost the pigment. And the desonide really works!!

  • Tatyana Vanbuskirk

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  • wishywashygirl19

    I’ve never tried it but I heard crocodile oil and emu oil (bird) helps.

  • thobbit60

    I researched Desonide .05% cream, it is a corticosteroid. Over the counter hydrocortisone cream would be a budget friendly alternative for this product. All corticosteroids should be used sparingly and for only a short duration as they will thin the skin. As a person recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease I know first hand the importance of getting a diagnosis from a doctor and a proper treatment plan. Thank you for this valuable information Emily.

  • fashionpsych

    I had really bad eczema when I was younger, but I noticed that it mostly went away after I swam in the Red Sea. I think the salt water and floor of the sea helps.

  • StacieMWheeler

    I have suffered from dyshidrotic eczema on my hands for over 10 years. It’s a much more chronic type of eczema which blisters and cracks. If you need a sensitive wash I suggest California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash. The J&J Baby Shampoo contains chemicals which mask eye redness!

  • Laurie Liao

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