What your Acne is Telling You

Hey guys, It’s been a while. I have been catching up with my friends & family back home in Northern Ireland. I hope you guys understand. Oh, don’t mind the flat hair! XD I didn’t do my hair today. Got a sore head and just didn’t want to put products in my head. Ps. I am still jet lagged lol… As promised, here is a video explaining Face Mapping using both Western & Eastern diagnosis. Ancient chinese believe that Your skin is like a blue print that indicates the health of your body. Your face is split into zones that each represent a certain organ. By knowing the causes/influence of your acne, you can understand your body more and improve its general health to improve the conditions of your skin. Remember, there are many factors that influence the well being of our skin. Health, diet, hygiene, products and many more. I always kinda knew about face mapping when I was younger but I got to learn more from my beauty clinic in Hong Kong and wanted to share the uberness =D I’m off to Los Angeles for VidCon tomorrow. I’m so excited to meet you guys. I will film the journey so you guys can come with me hehe… Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com Bubzbeauty Official Website: www.bubzbeauty.com Bubbi Clothing Line bubbi.bubzbeauty.com Connect with me at the Bubzbeauty Fanpage where I chill n catch up with you guys ^^ http Much love, Bubbi


  • 10potatoesful

    Thanks you helped me a lot

  • MolotovCupcakes

    Yes :3 she said its to do with your digestion and water intake, but another factor that can cause breakouts in that region is hair, as well. If your hair becomes greasy easily and is touching that area of your face constantly it will spread oils from your hair to your face. I suffer in that area too, and usually pin my bangs up and away :3 I also had to make a habit of drinking more fluids because I’m terrible when it comes to that x.x hope this helped 😀

  • sly741x

    thanks this helped a lot. It makes sense.

  • leFuzzyBootsII

    Can you do a video on the foods you eat???

  • leFuzzyBootsII

    What if about pimples on the back???

  • MolotovCupcakes

    ^^ No problem!

  • xOCandiePieOx


  • YSWJean

    bubz can u talk abt how did u clear ur acne since u’re a teenager? im a teenager wif really sensitive skin n also acne, so plz help me><

  • Nishtha Bhakri

    What about pimples on arms? Near shoulders???

  • SujuDbskSS501

    I’m loving the “Bang!” instrumentals in the background! AS \(.)/ !

  • MsLilylove333

    FOr all those wondering about the nose: 3:20 look at the blue box at the top right of the screen ^.^

  • PopGoesTheMolly

    The pillow thing makes sense… ewww

  • lluvysbumble13

    back acne…

  • Sarah Jensen

    this video is so helpfull!!

  • lilmanstube

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  • Nina Jones

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  • RebbieSnowAngel0505

    your forehead indicates poor digestion, drink more water and green tea.. *me goes to make green tea*

  • Tryna Schuster

    What about your back, what could cause acne there?

  • littlemiss9090

    What about neck?

  • Mira Jean

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  • xmichellex007x

    What about the back or at the temples?

  • xOCandiePieOx

    Thank you! Sorry, I was on a iPod when I watched this so I couldn’t see the annotations!

  • 1998YZ

    this helps a lot! 😀

  • Jesus Demartin

    acne - the perfect tool to destroy a teenagers social life

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