colon cleansing, dose it help?I?

I have been doing a lot of reading on this, wonderd if anyone and tried it and what they thought? And what did you use or what would you recamend?


  • Vital Force


    Absolutely a good colon cleanse helps. In fact, for me that would be an understatement. You see, I have personal experience with an award winning colon cleanse product that produced nothing short of astounding health improvements in my life.

    I truly believe DrNatura’s Colonix colon cleansing product to be the best intestinal cleanse product on the market in the world.

    The name of the safe and effective colon problem solving product is Colonix at

    In fact, because of the huge improvements in my well-being, I created a "get healthy" website to share my personal experience with this fantastic colon cleansing product at

    On my journey back to better health, I kept hearing how important the colon was to one’s health. I even received a few sessions of colon hydrotherapy to help out my body.

    But, thank God my husband read about Colonix by DrNatura and I ordered that product and gave it a try. For it was that outstanding Colonix colon cleanse product that tremendously improved my health.

    The intestinal cleanse Colonix product comes with very easy to follow instructions and when I received my product in the mail it felt a bit like Christmas. It is a three part advanced internal cleansing program that consists of fiber, a wonderfully tasting tea to help "move things along" and Paranil anti parasite herbal capsules. The program is designed to detoxify the colon.

    The Colonix will also help with the removal of heavy metals, including lead and mercury, as well as all kinds of other toxins. It will help detoxify your blood, liver, kidneys and other organs too.

    DrNatura also has phenomenal customer service that is available 7 days per week to help you with any questions you might have. They were always very friendly and extremely helpful to me.

    You are spot on in taking the time to learn about the benefits of colon cleansing. The proper functioning of the colon is essential to your overall health – both physical and mental.

    Good luck to you on your colon cleanse research.

    Vital Force

  • quinpod

    my experience is first hand, it does help, at least it worked for me. it flushes off toxins (orgenic and inorgenic both) out of your digestive system.

    I have tried some kinds of colon clansing mathods, chemical laxatives, herbal laxetives, fibre supplements, enema.
    as a child and in early teens constipation was a major problem with me. but enema cured me.

    of all the above alternatives, chemical laxatives are dengerous and toxic, so i wont recommand their use.

    herbal laxatives are said to be habit forming in some people.
    (save ayurvedic formula ‘Triphala’ , which helped me to detox along with curbing my fat level, it is very safe and non habit forming, only if you can bear its odd taste).

    i found enema and fibre suppliments safest and most effecective.

    within 1 to 3 months time after invoving it in lifestyle one feels the joy of toxin free pure body. it even helps to detoxify you at cellular level.

    fibre will safely keep you free from incovineance of constipation, and it helps to lower your cholestrol level and excess body fat.

    my recommandation: use enema if it is convineant for you (preferably on regular intevels) and eat lots of hi fibre diet, if not possible, use fibre supplements.

  • hippie

    Try a herbal whole body cleanse. That way it rids your whole body of toxins, not just your colon.

    I’m on day 3 of my whole body cleanse (Renew Life’s CleanseSmart) and so far it’s working amazing!
    Be careful of taking a cleanse if you’re planning on being out a lot or have a lot of social arrangements. For me, it hasn’t been bad, but you will have the need to have 2-3 bowel movements a day (which i have not been used to).

    I already feel cleaner. I had toxic reactions (headache, a little nausea) from releasing toxins the first few days, but it’s gone now. Which makes me realize how many toxins I have in my body!

    Overall, I would recommend the CleanseSmart. I’ve also tried Renew Life’s First Cleanse (more gentle). Believe me, do not use this if you’re prone to constipation! I got so bloated and constipated, that i had to stop it 7 days in.
    I’ve also heard that Colonix is a very good product (but very expensive!). Try to find a cleanse that lasts at least 30 days, which gives the best results.

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