Are “colon cleanses” potentially dangerous to one’s health?

if so, WHY?
or why not?


  • personally, i don’t like colon cleanses unless you are going to have an operation regarding your colon. First, it makes you poo alot. Then, you’ll get dehydrated. Then, you won’t be able to absorb as much nutrients as you should while ‘cleansing’. Plus, there’s really no way to purge everything out of a 5- foot long colon. Also, all the garbage initially comes from a 23-foot long small intestines. So, why bother cleaning something that can’t be cleaned? There are very good reasons for the numerous bacteria in the colon anyway. Those bacteria actually produce Vit K, which your blood needs for clotting. Then, they help in degrading the food that we eat. Some body toxins also get dumped in the colon. This is a continuous process, even when you’re asleep.

  • rachel s

    The only time you should clean your colon is before certain medical procedures.

  • Mommy Lee

    Well CJ seems very knowledgeable, but here I go!

    I’ve never actually "performed" an enema, but they are a little scary. As long as you eat a balanced diet while regularly drinking water and consuming fibrous foods (always remember to drink liquids with fiber or you’ll be even more constipated!), you should be fine. Psyllium seed and flax are great roughage. Celery is good too because it contains fiber AND water. Charcoal can help cleanse, too, but it should only be taken for a short while. If you’re concerned about bacteria in your intestines, you should take acidophilus to combat the bad bacteria.

    Honestly, as long as you poo without strain at least twice a day, you’re healthy and I wouldn’t mess with that!

  • Moira D

    Mommy Lee’s answer shows good knowledge.
    I agree with taking herbs and foods that clean the intestines rather than an enema or colonic irrigation on its own for the reason that herbs and the right foods support the body while cleansing.
    It is a fact that residue can build up in the intestines, I have personally seen the results when I’ve done a colon cleanse myself. It removes plaque that is obviously very different from normal poo.
    A cleanse is very effective and not dangerous if you simply follow the advice of a an alternative health practitioner who is experienced in colon cleansing.

    (I’m a medical herbalist)

  • William T

    There are no benefits of a colon cleanse and it can potentially dehydrate you. The only reason to get one is if a doctor tells you to for a medical procedure.

  • big puffy shoes

    CJ is correct.

    For the person who said "Honestly, as long as you poo without strain at least twice a day, you’re healthy and I wouldn’t mess with that!," I have to correct that. Your regularity of pooping should be a regular schedule, not a certain number of times per day.

    I go poo every other day just about, while someone could go twice a day and be just as healthy.

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