colon cleanse?

has anyone ever refresh colon cleanse and what were your results ? did it clean you out ? help with weight loss?


  • Nurse Annie

    Your best bet is to steer clear of something like this. Colon cleansing does not really provide any benefit. Contrary to popular belief, the inside of the colon — the end of the large intestine — isn’t dirty and does not need to be cleaned out. Mother Nature does that on her own by making sure that waste passes through and out of your body, taking impurities with it. Colon cleansing is just like having an enema, of which there is no medical reason to perform this, unless you have stubborn constipation and for preparing the colon for a test or for surgery. If you want to flush out impurities from your body, have another glass of water instead. You can read more at these links

  • The Hotties

    do not do it

  • i did it,but i didn’t feel any weight loss.
    it was just cleaner inside my body and encourage me to eat healthier from now on.

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